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Zimbabwe to flourish under President Mnangagwa: Prophet

A Bulawayo-based preacher of British descent, Steve Blomefield, has uttered a prophetic claim that Emmerson Mnangagwa is the next president of Zimbabwe.

Steve Blomefield
Steve Blomefield

Blomefield who has to his credit a Rhodesia-1979 ‘prophecy’ (when he was 24) which foretold the sudden fall of Rhodesia, would 20 years later preach that Zimbabwe’s white farmers were to lose their farmlands to Mugabe’s land reform program and that this was both inevitable and irreversible.

Here is the Mnangagwa prophecy : 

You are clearly the best man to succeed his Excellency R.G. Mugabe president, and God wants you to have that job because you can bring an enormous turnaround to Zimbabwe. I have seen it spiritually…..but there is a huge catch. God is planning to kill you.

True prophets tell the truth regardless of their personal prosperity or the danger it may cause them to their own lives. They tell the truth because that is the wisest, most loving thing to do and they tell the truth because it is what God wants. They are not protected by wealth or power or connections. They are protected by God.

The person who is clearly the best person for the job is yourself. You have the intelligence, the talent, the legal skills necessary, the political experience, you are a war veteran and you are respected by the military. You also are promoting the rise of the wife of the president to having an inspirational/reformist political role. I am willing to tell you openly that God want you to be president but you have deeply offended him, and since 2008 he has been planning to kill you. You are like Moses who was appointed to deliver Israel from Egypt then because of disobedience God planned to kill him [exodus 4.24]. It was only the intervention of God that caused him to obey God and to save his life.Before I go into the prophecy I have to clear up one issue. In my prophecy to Hon. Grace Mugabe published by ZimEye and my own blog site on the 23rd October, 2014  it seems as though I am prophesying her ascendancy to presidential office. This wrong as at the beginning I clearly state that the phrase ASPIRING TO BE NATIONAL LEADER refers to her being head of women’s league, not the presidency. Later on perhaps, or perhaps not, she will be president, but not now.

Your car accident recently was a foretaste of how easy it is for God to take your life. You thought it was witchcraft but it was not. It was a divine warning.

In 2008 during pre-elections, a headmaster of Horseshoe school in Guruve was attacked by a sculptor I personally know, with others. This headmaster was a man of peace, a man of integrity, a man who loved to teach and to lead pupils. He raised money through Tengenenge clients and built classrooms and teacher accommodation. He was accused of being MDC and he was kicked to death. The cold blooded murderer of this good, quiet, helpful man has not been bought to book. This death and the death of many others, including the beating of helpless people and the beating plus other abuses of women have incurred the infinite fury of God. The blood of the innocents cry out from the ground. As they were dying, this man and others have prayed to God and God has heard their cry and he is about to act, even though you are the best one for the job. The blood of the innocents has disappeared from the soil but it has not disappeared from the deeply intense anger of God. You did not kill anyone but people feared you and they carried out these evil acts to please you. Your business dealings and your political campaigns have added to the utter indescribable fury of God.

Why has God not removed your spirit from your body, causing your instant death since that time? It is because he has given you blessing, waiting for you to repent, to change your heart and mind, to be the kind of man he wants you to be. Financial blessing, property and political office.

Rom 2.3 Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgement of God? 4 Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance?

You are like Jacob in a way, a man who God blessed even though he was a wicked man. God planned Jacob and Moses to change so they could rise up and do the roles God first of all gave them to do. Moses obeyed God and saved his life. Jacob changed his life and fulfilled the role of patriarch. Although Laban and Esau planned to kill Jacob, Jacob struggled with God, changed his life and saved his life. This is what you have to do, and do it now. Do not say somebody wants to kill me. Say God wants to kill me. Somebody does not want to kill you. God wants to kill you.

You are desperately needed in Zimbabwe. The nation is at a turning point. It is time for the people of Zimbabwe to be loved, to be comforted, to be cared for like a hen cares for her chicks. It is time for the economy to be opened up to all, without the fear that a greedy man will use political connections to throw the business into chaos and destroy it, or to pass laws that make the business impossible. [I am not referring to Indigenization of land and natural resources, a policy planned from long ago by God himself]. Every loyal Zimbabwean man or woman who has talent should now be allowed to run a business without fear of that business being warred against and destroyed. The nation should be united under God- one nation with diversity of tribes and nations-as long as they all work for the unity, prosperity of the nation and not only for themselves, their religion, their church, their family.

Those who have political office should be people who have integrity, harmoniousness, have a drive for excellence, have talent. Professionals. Experts. A drive to do things. Accomplish goals. A drive to serve the nation. A drive to serve the poorest, weakest people. The same goes for any position in a business, in community leadership, in Government posts at all levels. You are a Lawyer you know what to do. All people in the nation should have a heart desire to serve the people of Zimbabwe with excellence, and not to strive for those posts to get money, to get a position, to get a job. You are the man who can move the nation so that this philosophy comes into practice. People should not get posts through manipulation, threats, payments, connections. It is these people who are greedy, lazy parasites who are rotting the nation and causing government offices to be inefficient, unmotivated, undisciplined, arrogant, uninterested in doing what they are supposed to do, and the masses, the poor, the workers, the common people of Zimbabwe are suffering because of these parasites, these self-centred self-gratifying, pleasure seekers. Sons of Satan.

The heart of God is crying out for Zimbabweans to be blessed by good, honest, caring, talented leadership at all levels, and you are the one who can do it.

You are a transitional figure, who bridges the generation of war vets. One side the ones who forcefully take back the land and the resources and put them in the hands of indigenous Zimbabweans without fear of the present or the future…. and the other side-the new generation of nation builders who build the spiritual, the moral, the community unity/harmony of the nation and the secular excellence of the nation

The hand of God is about to fall on your head, and if it does, you will lose your life in an instant and we all will suffer because of it. This is not the will of God. Right now. This instant, turn to God, wrestle with him like Jacob until he changes your heart to be the heart of a Solomon, the nation builder. Psalm 51 read it and make it your own. St. Paul the genocidal maniac changed. Zacchaeus the greedy man changed, David the war veteran walked with God, Jacob the schemer met God and changed. Steve Blomefield – born racist, club frequenter was utterly changed, transformed. The west will rush to assist you [poor though they are], they will rush to offer their help [without compromising Zimbabwe’s sovereignty].


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