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Woman demands cash over witchcraft claims

A Harare woman is demanding $500 from her neighbour whom she accuses of often calling her a witch.


Melody Gwati appeared before civil court magistrate Manase Masiwa claiming Priscilla Choto’s behaviour had killed her vending business.

“I’m a vendor and I’m now losing customers because of her insults,” she said.

“As a widow I single-handedly send my children to school. One of them was accepted into university and I have to raise $700 by July, but I cannot do that since my business is no longer performing.”

Gwati said she made $40 to $50 a day, but her business had taken a knock because of the fights between her and Choto.

However, Choto denied ever insulting Gwati. She said Gwati started insulting her after seeing her chatting with her husband.
The magistrate dismissed the claim.

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The Standard

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