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Zimbabwe is for us all!

Ranson Madzamba Correspondent
The price madness being witnessed in the country is a combination of various factors, some political elements included. Zimbabweans democratically elected President Mnangagwa as their leader and according to the laws of the country.

The time for politics is gone and this is the time to turn around the economy.
It is shocking to hear that the current price madness on basic commodities has political elements in it.
Well, it is high time opposition political parties get to know that the time for politics is gone and this is the time for business.

The business is that of building the economy together despite political affiliation or backgrounds.
The country belongs to us all and its development requires the energy of us all as well.
Trying to turn the country to another 2008 situation must be treated as a crime against humanity.

Trying to taint the Government by way of creating artificial shortages must be condemned.
Yes, there are a lot of things we are supposed to do as a nation and for the good of the majority, but let us not create artificial situations to undermine the efforts the President is making to try to build this beautiful country.

A majority of Zimbabweans voted for him and indeed have confidence and trust in him.
Going against him is as good as trying to go against the wishes of the Zimbabwean people.
Let us all move together as a country for the sake of our economy and not for the sake of grabbing political power.

As much as they might have a relationship, politics and economics are two different entities and must be treated as such.
Trying to create a negative situation in the country for political expediency is uncalled for and undemocratic.
The time for politicking is gone and this is time to make sure industries open and our youths are employed.

President Mnangagwa is preaching the gospel of opening up the country to the world business investors and requires the support of us all.
The people have spoken and let us not go against their wishes for the sake of power.

Let us in all ways try to come up with strategies that will improve the well being of all the people in the country.
Let us all stop the pull him or her down syndrome.
Let us stop derailing the economic progress of the country.

Let me again say the people have spoken and let us respect their will.
This is the right time to support the Government’s economic initiatives as well as provide ideas that will help in our economic recovery.

To those political entities who failed to make it in our recent harmonised elections, this is the time they are supposed to re-strategise for the coming elections for the good of their political parties.

This can only be achieved by winning the hearts of the people through various economic initiatives.
Trying to derail the economic progress of a country to gain political power will never be a good strategy. It was tried in 2008 and it dismally failed.

Zimbabweans know what they want and they can never, ever be deceived to believe a lemon might turn to be a sweet orange at some point in time.

They wanted Emmerson Mnangagwa, hence they voted him into power.
That is what democracy is all about.
But all in all, Zimbabwe is for us all and let us work on things that will take the country forward and stop actions that derail economic progress.

Forewarned is forearmed!

Source :

The Herald

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