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#Zimbabwe man gets lobola refund after girlfriend is impregnated by another man

#Zimbabwe man gets lobola refund after girlfriend is impregnated by another man

A Harare man, Orient Jani, went home happy after being refunded his $2 580 bride price because the bride-to-be got pregnant from an affair with another man before the wedding.

Jani, who is based in South Africa, was shocked to learn that his would-be wife, Nataly Mucheche, had been impregnated by Obert Karombo while he was busy working towards paying full lobola pending their wedding.

Jani’s would-be father-in-law, Noel Mucheche, paid back the bride price after a two-year legal battle.

Mucheche deposited $3 679,25 that includes the bride price and legal costs into the messenger of court’s CBZ Bank account on December 8 this year.

In an interview, Jani said he heaved a sigh of relief after getting back his money.

“I am grateful for the victory. Justice was finally served and I commend our judicial system. We have a sound judicial system,” said Jani.

“I am not yet married. I wanted to close this chapter before moving on. I am taking my time and will be very careful in future, he said.

“On September 16, 2014 the court passed a judgment that I should get my money back. My father-in-law refused to pay and only gave me $200 which in my view was a joke.

“In 2015 I tried to have their property attached but the Messenger of Court found nothing at their farm. They were trying to frustrate the process of justice.”

Jani said he came from South Africa in December this year and sought his father-in-law’s imprisonment.

“The case was heard on December 6 this year and they tried to have the matter postponed hoping that I would go back to South Africa,” he said.

“By the grace of God the magistrate proceeded with the matter and ruled that failure to pay the money would earn him 90 days in prison.

“He was to be arrested the following day. Fortunately he made the payment, including costs.”

Jani took his father-in-law to court in 2014 demanding his lobola back.

He said he had paid $765 for various items charged as part of the lobola.

And upon approaching the Mucheches for their go-ahead for a white wedding, they demanded more money upfront.

At the end of May, Jani sent them $1 540 after which he was given the nod to prepare for the wedding.

The court heard that Mucheche accepted the bride price despite knowing that his daughter was involved in an affair with another man.

Jani also said he incurred transport costs to the tune of $829 travelling to and from his South African base to pay the bride price.

He then demanded reimbursement of the $3 409 for lobola and transport costs from Mucheche.

Mucheche tried to evade paying by suggesting that Jani should be compensated by the alleged boyfriend, Karombo.

Presiding magistrate Ms Marehwanazvo Gofa ruled that Mucheche should refund Jani in the sum of $2 580 plus costs.


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