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#Zimbabwe now a hell hole, from bread basket, roads now potholes

3 weeks ago I called my father and told him I was coming to Zim. He asked me if I was going to visit him at his rural place in Gokwe and before I could say yes, I asked him if the roads had improved. “MaRhodzi ava nani. Vanenge vakagadzira. Kana maKombi avakufamba . . . “, he eagerly answered me with great enthusiasm. I was encouraged.
“Ah, kana MaRhodzi avanani ndichayedza kusvikako”, I answered with a bit of hesitation.

Anyone who has travelled from Kadoma to Sanyati should know the agony of using that strip road. It has deteriorated endlessly. It takes 3 hours to travel a distance of 75 kilometers.
Anzi naMudhara wangu, “MaRhodzi avanani”. I was dismayed to realise kuti ngoma ndiyo-ndiyo. . . . . Ndakangoti, “Akanga nyimo avaNgarara”.

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