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Zimbabwe socialite Maury at Ginimbi’s white party – Sorry if my revealing western attire made you uncomfortable

Maury Maks, the lady who virtually stole the show at Genius Kadungure’s all white party, has come out to apologise for her unsavoury dressing on the day. The event along Melville road, Sandton last Saturday night was to be belatedly celebrate Genius’s 32nd birthday. All white was the dress code and while Maury seemed to meet the criteria, there were serious issues with the nature of her outfit and her taking to the dance floor without panties.

 She became the centre of the attraction and most of the guests took turns to either record videos or take pictures of her and posted on various social media platforms, prompting her to come in the open and explain herself. She revealed that she felt comfortable in that outfit and did not realise it was unacceptable in the court of public opinion. Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to H-Metro Maury apologized to those who did not take her dressing kindly. She conceded that she has been humiliated.

“As I’m seeing the reaction I am getting, on all social media platforms, to the dress I wore at Genius’ all white party last Saturday, I realise my mistake and I’m sorry for my behaviour. There is no excuse and there is no explanation, the feeling that you get something for nothing seems at first liberating but when the after effect of knowing that you’ve consciously hurt others sinks in. there really is nothing but humiliation and the knowledge of the people whose livelihood you’ve lessened,” she said.

She added that her dressing at the party was mainly influenced by Western culture she was exposed to at a tender age.

“However, though people should realise and understand that I’m very passionate regarding the motion of culture appreciation, and I also understand that emotional frustrating is a great deal.

Having a strong international background I have come into contact with the Hollywood glitz and glam lifestyle, something I am eternally grateful for. With age, I feel a deeper and deeper connection to the Hollywood lifestyle that has surrounded me. Though it may not have been my own, this aesthetic has affected me emotionally in a very meaningful way. Please forgive me if I adorn myself to the American way of life. I wore that dress with the deepest respect as I thought nothing could beat blitz and glam more than adorning a dress Ciara, Rihanna and Tony Braxton would wear. Unfortunately for me though, the world was insulted seeing me adorn that dress and ended up calling me names,” she said.

Maury felt she owed her friends and relatives an apology.

“I owe an apology to my family, all my friends, co workers and their families and the whole nation as a whole for my attempt at being inappropriately dressed. After great criticism I have realized that my dress was very offensive to you and your families. I am truly sorry, I know you look forward to the annual all white party as a time for wholesome friend’s activities and my garb was not appropriate. I can’t undo what I have done but you have my pledge to keep the quality of all activities on a high plane from now on. You can keep your distance from something your whole life out of fear that you might taint it or and let it affect you. I choose to live my life in the latter. And no matter what people are saying they too must not forget that I am human and its human to err,” she said.

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Source-H Metro

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