10 Questions For Candice Mwakalyelye

Candice MwakalyelyeCandice Mwakalyelye Candice Mwakalyelye

10 Questions For Candice Mwakalyelye 

I’m one of those girls who never knows how to talk about myself… It’s always awkward! But generally I am a newscaster with zifm stereo (zifmstereo.co.zw) I am also a journalist, a voice over artist and an mc. I’m a sucker for a good laugh, I feel it’s really important to lighten up …life is so serious as it is, so I appreciate laughter. I’m such a simple girl. Oh..  I am also all about supporting local (music, fashion business etc) and trying to help our local brands grow

1. How would you describe what you do for a living?
I read and learn and I am paid for it.. My 9 to five generally requires that I keep up with what’s happening around me… I also like to think of myself as an entertainer  

2. What is your most vivid childhood memory?
I remember my aunt buying me a little piano and a little radio that had a mic …i loved those toys, i used to sing to anyone who walked through our doors 

3. If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, for dinner, who would they be and why?
My late grandfather,I suspect a lot of the tales I never quite understood as a child would make sense now. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf …. I’d like to know what a day in her life is like, I’m certain she has a lot of wisdom to impart about female leadership. I don’t know who else.. Can’t think of anyone else right now. 

4. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why?
My brain would crash trying to select a song coz there are so many I could sing… But I think I’d have to settle for a mash up of Brand new kind of me by Alicia Keys and Pieces of me by ledisi ,simply because I meet a new me everyday …not all my pieces are in place yet but I’m ok with that.

5. How would you complete this sentence? 

The Zimbabwe cabinet should include a Minister of ___________.
No more ministers! The ones we have are already too many…more action less people  I think. That whole thing about too many cooks would fit nicely here….

6. What would you say is the biggest misconception about you? 
I don’t know really.. Probably that I’m a confident person … Which is not entirely true 
7. What is your (honest) opinion of Zimbabwe?
We’re a beautiful nation of hard working people with brilliant minds… But we need to stop talking! Nothing was ever built by just words. We need to start following all these great ideas and policies we have on paper through with action.

8. What’s the greatest fear you’ve had to overcome to get where you are today?
Failure … My fear of not being good enough – falling short – has been a battle but I can safely say now, that even though I still do worry about that I do not let it stop me from going for what I want and need to do.

9. What’s the one thing you’d like to achieve before you die?
I want to have made an international difference.. And learnt Spanish, Portuguese and Italian ..oh and how to belly dance! 

10. Which well- known Zimbabwean personality would you, without a doubt, be at able to beat in a street fight and why?
 I’m a lover not a fighter so I think I’d have to take on someone I can hug to defeat… So let’s say…Comedian  Q the Boss? Lol! 

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