10 Questions For Rabison Shumba


10 Questions For Rabison Shumba

1. How would you describe what you do for a living?

I write, speak, coach / mentor.

2. What is your most vivid childhood memory?

I remember the fun we had while herding cattle in rural Masvingo. I remember one day beating up a guy that many of the boys feared. I felt like David after defeating Goliath.

3. If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, for dinner, who would they be and why?

Certainly, Strive Masiyiwa – he is one man whose business acumen and love for people I desire, Albert Einstein – I would have wanted to “pick” his brains to know how he was wired and Bill Gates – as a techie and charitable individual myself, I would want to learn from this man and hear how he would converse with fellow techie, Strive Masiyiwa. My role would be to learn learn and learn.

4. If you ever found yourself auditioning for a music reality TV show, what song would you sing and why?

I would sing Mutavara by Oliver Mtukudzi. I admire Oliver’s great work and his passion for his craft. My family knows that I love all of Tukus music especially this song which he composed when I was 4 years old (1977).

5. How would you complete this sentence?
The Zimbabwe cabinet should include a Minister of ___________.
I think we don’t need new ministries, we need to collapse our current structure and reduce the already overburdened government budget while increasing efficiency.

6. What would you say is the biggest misconception about you?

People think I have been a writer and speaker throughout my career when this is only 4.5 years of dedication. I hated writing in school let alone speaking.

7. What is your (honest) opinion of Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is pregnant with potential. It has all it needs to be self-sustaining in no time. With current literacy levels, the highest in Africa, with current mineral resources, with our well established infrastructure (roads etc), we have no excuse for anyone being poor. We can and we will bounce back, it is a matter of time.
8. What’s the greatest fear you’ve had to overcome to get where you are today?
I had to overcome the fear of criticism. You will never achieve anything in life if all you worry about is what people will say.

9. What’s the one thing you’d like to achieve before you die?

I have a dream to build a leadership institute for Africa and train at least 2 million leaders.

 10. Which well- known Zimbabwean personality would you, without a doubt, be able to beat in a street fight and why?

This took me a while to find. Carl Joshua Ncube. I think throughout the fight he will be thinking that I am joking, then I floor him


About Rabison Shumba www.rabisonshumba.com

Rabison Shumba is an international motivational speaker, life coach and author. His book, “The Greatness Manual” “Fountain of Inspiration volumes 1 and 2” are tools for personal and professional development. He has also published “Showers of Inspiration” which is a collection of his inspirational poetry. Together with 100 American Career Expert Authors, Rabison co-authored a book 101 Great Ways to Enhance your career, a book that has changed the lives of many across the globe.

Rabison has a personal vision of impacting the lives of children in marginalized communities by creating platforms for career counsel and guidance, information empowerment and capacity building through the Greatness Factory Trust, where he is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Rabison believes that the effect of the lack of adequate information empowerment platforms has the potential to cause learners leaving schools to never realize an equitable chance at bettering their circumstances and therefore contributing to the downward spiral into poverty. He is actively involved in the organization of career enhancement and guidance colloquiums to propel and inspire both young and mature professionals to greatness. His areas of expertise include strategy, leadership, personal and professional development.

Rabison has traveled to United States of America, England, China and across Africa on ministry, speaking and business missions. In 2011 he was selected as an Alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) which saw him visit America for the Young African Leaders Forum. He was also voted number 12 in Top 100 Most Influential Young Persons under 40.

Born in 1973, Rabison is first born in a family of 14. Even though he came out best in his O Levels in 1990, he could not advance to Advanced Level due to lack of school fees and the need to take his siblings through school and college.  He proceeded to obtain a Diploma in Education (UZ) with a bias towards Computing. He is in possession of a Bachelor of Business Leadership Degree (BBL) and is now pursuing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Rabison has a wealth of commercial experience in industries that span from Computing, Manufacturing, Mining and Telecommunications over a period spanning 19 years.

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