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10 reasons Why I LOVE #Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe champion for blacks #twimbos #263chat

I love Robert Mugabe and everything he stands for. He is the champion of and for black people, not only in Zimbabwe and Africa but all over the world.


Unlike Nelson Mandela who brought fake independence to South African blacks, Mugabe actually delivered political and economic independence to black Zimbabweans. In South Africa, over 90% of the wealth is still in white hands, over 49% of South Africa blacks don’t own anything and are dirt poor.


Compare this to Migabe: Zimbabwe is one of the few countries in Africa where companies and the economy are actually owned by black people. For example –  The shareholders, management and workers of banks in Zimbabwe are all black, in South Africa , the banks shareholders are white, the management is white (once in a while there is a token black CEO or director) and  the bulk of the workers are white. Look at the biggest banks in South Africa such as Standard Bank – who are the shareholders, the management, the workers – 90% white.

Thanks to Mugabe for ensuring economic and political empowerment and freedom to Zimbabwean black people.


95% of all farms in Zinbabwe are owned by black people. This makes me proud as a black man: we actually own the means of production. Go to South Aftica – almost all the land is owned by white people, even 29 years after the South African government agreed that land mudt be redistributed amongst blacks. Mugabe did it in Zimbabwe. White people hate Mugabe because he kicked them where it hurts most – the economy. He transferred the economy to its original owners – the blacks. White people were used to the nice life of building wealth on the back of blacks, flying private planes, stashing millions of dollars in offshore Swiss accounts, but Mugabe brought a stop to this and ensured that black Zimbabweans take over the farms and other sectors of the economy. In South Africa, the whites still enjoy the same economic privileges as they did during apartheid. Mugabe brought a stop to this nonsense.

I know Zimbabweans are so brainwashed nothing bad about Mugabe s Zimbabwe, but the only people who made it looked like it’s bad it’s America,Britain and other European nations who imposed sections to Zimbabwe and ZIMBABWEAN people because he doesn’t bow to them.

They embrace Mandela and made him a global idol why ?? because he served the interest of white supremacist so Mugabe did nothing wrong by giving back the land to his people and that is what should SA do.

Africans should realise that we have to rule and lead ourselves with no interference of the west and Amerikas still today Zimbabwe will assimilate it’s status and be good nation it was without the west and their allies.

viva Mugabe viva black people!!


mugabe walking raised up



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