$100bn Economy By 2028 – Manyika

Leader of Build Zimbabwe Alliance (BZA), Dr Noah Manyika has said the country will attain a $100 billion economy by 2028 if he wins the presidential election on July 30.

Dr Manyika – a businessman, publisher, academic, gospel musician and presidential contestant for the July 30 harmonised elections — said he sought to eradicate poverty, cut public spending and grow the economy.

“I promise the Zimbabwean people a government and presidency that will be fully focused on winning the war on poverty,” he said.

“Earlier this year, we released our manifesto, which talks about the need to create a unique social contract where all citizens feel their participation in determining the direction of our country.

“We outlined our 10-Point Plan, which includes drastic reduction in public spending, devolving the presidency and building a sound economy from the inside out, which will ensure that no province and no citizen is left behind.

“We are now releasing the second and most important plan of our two-part policy platform, our: War On Poverty Manifesto.”

BZA’s vision, Dr Manyika outlined, was to preside over an inclusive and integrated economy that would open up opportunities for the disabled, rural communities, women and youths through citizenry participation.

“The problem for our country has never been the inability of leaders to make promises, even great ones,” he said. “It is, however, the participation of citizens in the political and civic process that will deliver more than any promise that a politician makes.

“That participation must not just end with electing the leaders of our choice. It must also include being willing to exercise your rights as voters to recall leaders who fail to fulfil their promises and only reappear like ghosts after five years.”

Dr Manyika said peace, unity and tolerance were the hallmarks of progress for any nation, therefore, Zimbabweans should exhibit political maturity and shun violence.

“I have a long history of working for peace and reconciliation in this country, including serving with the Organ for National Healing during the GNU,” he said.

“The mantra “Peace begins with me” which we used to recite during my time with the Organ for National Healing, is worth remembering. The responsibility for peace must begin with each of us. Each of us must proudly be the weak link that breaks the chain of violence.”

Dr Manyika acknowledged that a lot has been done to create a fair and level playing field, although advantages of incumbency still persist.

“Incumbents rarely create an even playing field for their competitors,” he said. “We have the appearance of a level playing field in some areas, but sadly we are going to have to continue to fight to create our own competitive advantage because we are essentially not in control of processes.

“The fact that only now the airwaves and the public press is being opened up to the opposition does not do anything to address the huge advantage the ruling party has already had before this apparent opening up. They have had a huge start, and everybody else has a mountain to climb.”

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