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2017 #Zimbabwe Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 40

2017 Theme: Business beyond Talk, Leading from the Front


The Ngoda List for 2017 recognises enterprising Zimbabweans who are 40 and under. As per tradition, 10 names were listed after a thorough adjudication process. The 2017 Edition is unique in that it features an additional list of exceptional Zimbabweans who did not make it in into the top 10, but are however Entrepreneurs to Watch. This list as has always been the case in the past uses a basket of factors which all carry different weighting towards the overall score.


Coming up with the Class of 2017 was not an easy task, sieving through hundreds of names to come up with the final ten required much research. The adjudicating team were guided by the following factors subject to a tough yet objective criterion validity test;

  • National Relevance
  • Global Appeal
  • Social Impact
  • Motivation/Leadership
  • Economic Value
  • General Influence
  • Consistency
  • Brand Equity

The Class of 2017

1.Walter Magaya (Prophet)

Associated with: Planet Africa, Yadah, Author

Industry: Sports Industry, Mining, Agriculture, Banking & Finance, Media, Hospitality, Real Estate, Manufacturing

2.Tinashe Mutarisi

Associated with: Glascor, Nash Paints

Industry: Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Diversified

3.Chamu Chiwanza

Associated with: Cernic Finance, AAG, The Shift, Simba Savannah, Several Boards

Industry: Finance, Real Estate, Security, Diversified

4.Frank Buyanga

Associated with: Hamilton, African Medallion Group

Industry: Finance, Real Estate, Commodities Trading, Diversified

5.Wicknell Chivayo

Associated with: Intratrek Zimbabwe

Industry: Alternative Energy, Diversified

6.Josey Mahachi

Associated with: Click Africa, YALI Fellow, Zimbabwe Investment Authority Board

Industry: Media, Retail, Diversified

7.Munyaradzi Gwatidzo

Associated with: Astro Mobile Africa

Industry: Technology (Gadget Manufacturer), Retail

8.Pasi William Sachiti

Associated with: Kar Go, Academy of Robotics / Inventor

Industry: Technology (Robotics, Futuristic, Automobile)

9.Maxwell Chikumbutso

Associated with: Saith Technology / Inventor

Industry: Technology, Energy, Aerodynamics

10.Takwana Tyaranini

Associated with: Senditoo, Ozaremit

Sectors: Technology, Telecoms, Global Remittances

To Watch

  • Knight Ganje

Associated with: H&G Advertising Group

Industry: Media, Advertising

  • Mukudzeyi Mukombe (Jah Prayzah)

Associated with: JP Studios, Military Touch Movement

Industry: Entertainment, Record Label

  • Ruby Lynn Laynet

Associated with: Ruby Lyn Makeup

Industry: Beauty, Cosmetics

  • Clinton Mutambo

Associated with: esaja.com

Sectors: E-commerce

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