214 of the 234 girls rescued in #Nigeria from Boko Haram are pregnant

FOLLOWING—THE latest rescue of additional 234 women and children by the Nigerian Army from the Sambisa Forest in Borno State, indicated, yesterday, that a sizeable number of the rescued girls were visibly pregnant, even as unofficial reports put the latest number of pregnant girls in one of the camps in Borno as at last Saturday at 214.

Giving this indication in Lagos, Executive Director, UNFPA, Prof. Babatunde Osotimehin, also disclosed that in the last one year, the organization had taken deliveries of over 16,000 pregnancies in the troubled North East part of the country.

Osotimehin, while giving update of the response to the rehabilitation of the rescued women and children,  said the organization, in anticipation of the magnitude of the problem on hand, had put in place a formidable team in collaboration with the Federal and state governments, to first restore the dignity of the girls, who, he said, are facing severe psychosocial trauma.

On the state of the girls, he explained that most of them, due to the long period spent in captivity, required a special set of services that would facilitate their integration into society.

“What we found is that some of the women and girls that have come back actually have much more in terms of the stress they have faced, so the counselling has to be more intense and working with them one-on-one.

“I’m glad the communities are not excommunicating them and are taking them back. That is an important therapy too. We anticipate this is going to escalate because the military intervention is continuing, we find that more people are now needing our services and we will continue,” he stated.

Further, he explained that the UNFPA had earlier collaborated with the Federal and state governments to train 60 counsellors to offer psychosocial services to the affected women and children. He noted that those trained were people from the communities, who understand the context and sociology of the people.

“UNFPA is providing dignity for women. In conflict and disasters, most people would only think of water and sanitation, provision of tents and housing, and food, which are all important. But women and girls have specific needs that nobody else looks after; it is only UNFPA that is doing this. We are giving psychosocial counselling.

“Beyond that, in the growing young people, we will always have pregnant women, but nobody segregates the needs of the pregnant women which are very important and different from the needs of the average community. We look after them, and ensure they get antenatal care and that they deliver properly and that they even get Caesarean Section when necessary.


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  1. NeKael Towingyoshyt Jones

    Good help those young ladies 🙁

    • highwaterjane60

      YOU help these children.

      • NeKael Towingyoshyt Jones

        Excuse me. I fixed my typo. I’ve certainly said a prayer for these young ladies even when they were first abducted. This is a horrible situation.

        • saying a prayer does nothing if you want to help do something real, otherwise do nothing but at least don’t pretend…

          • NeKael Towingyoshyt Jones

            Really? Well you have your beliefs and I have mine. And while you and the other person are being so overly judgemental how about you just concentrate on how YOU can help them and let me worry about myself. Have a good one 🙂

          • Their point is that in terms of actually, literally doing something, praying does nothing. It is not a matter of beliefs as you are trying to frame it, but more so that of actuality. I don’t think anyone is trying to denounce you for your religion, but just informing you that while it is perfectly ok to pray for these people, and by all means do, your time and energy (especially considering you took the time and energy to make this post, for everyone to see) are much better spent on going directly to a site or organization that uses monetary funds to help victims like this.

            Please stop being so offended, when no one is making this about religion. It’s about the act of/time & energy of praying and posting your prayers to a site like this, as opposed to just giving directly to help them and, ya know, keeping that to yourself. You tell them to worry about themselves, but yet you are the one that put yourself out there like this for everyone to see/comment on. Very, very strange logic.

          • disqus_k3N6AvGviT

            No, you’re wrong. If someone wants to pray and say they are praying.. why should YOU or anyone else tell them not to, or not to say it here or anywhere else? The first two that commented really should have kept THEIR comments to themselves.. as should you.. LOL who are telling this woman what SHE SHOULD do and that she shouldn’t spend time and energy posting her thoughts. Perhaps she IS doing what she can. Perhaps YOU and the other two shouldn’t be “taking the time and energy” to post! Perhaps YOU and the two others should go and do something to help directly as you advise so righteously! She does not have to keep her opinion, her thoughts, her feelings or that she is praying to herself. YOU have very, very strange logic. And if you don’t believe in prayer… well.. that’s up to you. Stop being a bully. Stop being a troll .. and go do something about this situation yourself if you feel so inclined. Or not.. Perhaps YOU and the others should ‘stop being so offended’ LOL.. the hypocrisy absurd. You must be awesome to deal with in person.

          • heads up, the whole world is praying , 10% is helping , why not pray and help ?

          • Feli Fee NichOlas

            so explain to us all how we can “help” since you think we can do it all. i would love to know

          • http://aunf.org/

            Donate here. Not so hard now, is it?

          • Shame on you! You think help is money? And what guarantees do you give that money sent through that link helps the girls? We all support in our different ways, and your link might actually be a way of making money from someone’s calamity.

          • I thought Jesus had some things to say about helping out the poor by giving up your money. Guess I misread that part of the Bible.

          • You dont read it out of context. And did Jesus say prayer is not help?

          • Joe Villagrana

            your an idiot

          • Feli Fee NichOlas

            so what if i dont have the money to donate? suppose i want to do something more than sit on my ass and send a few dollars electronically and hope that it gets used for the target cause ? okay.

          • You have money for a computer. Quit making excuses.

          • Joe Villagrana

            shit help yourself quit begging

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            Prayers work 0% of the time. Its just hokey superstition that makes you feel better about yourself.

          • Wow thank you for having the courage to say prayers work 0%. I believe that too, but was never honest with myself and my beliefs.

          • When we pray it is Almighty God who works.

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            No. Basically you’ve given up on the task when your only solution is prayer.

          • Not true. Prayer should always come first.

          • It’s not giving up. It’s acknowledging God’s sovereignty in all things.

          • I thought God only helps those who help themselves. Hmmmmmmmmm.

          • That’s a traditional saying we often hear, but no truth to it.

          • So then we don’t have free will?

          • Yes, we were created with free will. We are free to obey God or to disobey Him. And He often does help us, even when we are powerless or disobedient. I can’t explain why–His ways are just way higher than ours.

          • Maybe the prayers are working… the girls are back home, they will get counseling, they will with the help and support of others get through this… so yes the prayers spoken has received action by people of compassion who will see that things do get done. By the way – more and more doctors recognize that those who are prayed for when sick recover faster than those who get no prayer… go figure. Praise God for those who do pray!

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            The girls are back home because of the hard work of people. And no, doctors dont recognize that, because its blatantly false. They have done many studies on prayer and praying for people who are sick, and prayer does….nothing. Imagine that.

          • I can tell you are an unbeliever. I’m praying for you now.

          • I am a physician and I can tell you that is 100% false.

          • “By the way – more and more doctors recognize that those who are prayed for when sick recover faster than those who get no prayer… go figure. ”

            I challenge this. Show me a study.

          • Don’t need a study. God will show you.

          • Oh, you are one of those freaks. How old do you think the earth is?

          • My opinion about the age of the earth is not relevant.
            After reading your posts I have realized that recently I have neglected to pray as often or as fervently as I should. So, thanks for the nudge to improveron that.

          • You really think prayers does nothing. Think again…you think you are in control of your life?
            Prayer heals, deliver and rescue. Some of us don’t want to pray but there will come a time when every knee shall bow and every thong confess that Jesus is Lord. Some of us judgment may come before judgement day. You think there is repentance in hell. One of these days you are going to call upon the name of Lord and may God have mercy on you.

          • Healing prayer, though proven to work and not particularly tied with a God, (I am an atheist) has nothing to do with saving these girls. You have it all mixed up. And I don’t need anyone’s mercy. I would not want to go to heaven and have eternal life with a God who lets this happen. Think about it.

          • It’s not Gods fault. He gave us the world and asked us to rule and manage it. He blessed man and asked man to rule and subdue the earth. Instead of ruling the earth we are ruling over other human beings. Man is wanting to dominate other men, males want to dominate females. Fair skinn want to dominate dark skin. Human has the lease for the earth and one day whether we like it or not whether we believe it’s so or not we will all give account. God does not cease to exist because I want Him not to exist.

          • “He gave us the world and asked us to rule and manage it.”

            Then why ever pray for his help? WE are supposed to do what we can to save those girls. Not just sit around and pray and hope God gets it done for us.

          • You are right that “sitting around” does nothing.
            What you don’t understand is that the prayer of someone who is in a right relationship with God is powerful and effective. (The right relationship with Him only comes from repenting of their sin and accepting Christ’s sacrifice to atone for their sin.)

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            God’s not real. I don’t need mercy from a fairy tale.

          • How did you come to be. By your hard work. The universe came to be by its hard work. Hahahah.

          • Aw. It’s cute how you think this is some kind of argument. Unfortunately for you, the burden of proof rests on your shoulders to prove there is a god. Until then, it’s just a silly little theory that there’s a invisible sky wizard.

          • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

            Thank you, I needed a good laugh.

          • Oh Shit! There’s a HELL? Gee, I better start repentin’

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            Thats a load of shit. Not all of us need superstitions in our lives. We realize that the world is good enough without goatherder myths.

          • Rosal Jane Ruda

            Actually, prayer does work. Your statistics is wrong.

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            Can you prove it? No you can’t, you just want it to be true. All the studies that have been done on prayer show that it does NOTHING. And thats okay, prayer is a rather selfish and worthless act anyways. Talking to yourself doesn’t change the world.

          • Purplebutterfly

            Well, I actually know a person that felt that same way (43 years) and when they were in a situation where they were dying, I couldn’t believe they called on the lord. They said ” if there’s truly a god out there like my friend thinks it is, I promise if you get me out my situation and I live, I promise I will forget my beliefs of no God (got on the floor with me and prayed ) and live as my friend lives.” Do you know this person has been in a church since. The doctors gave up and said there’s nothing more they can do, get your life in order and still here. It disappeared. There’s other cases, but I know that particular this one is real (I was witnessed) And I pray for you too, that one day because there will come a day that you will know that God is real, that it’s not a life or death situation when you call on him and he answers.

            Back to what this is really about before you got on and made it about you. They’re in the situation they were in because of these nasty men and the bad nature of some people, you’re right, God has nothing to do with it but when people pray he hears. I feel so bad for those women and young girls and I pray they didn’t get a STD or something and that the prayers along with the counseling help. GOD BLESS the victims, doctors, hearers and all the readers of this story.

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            So it has nothing to do with the doctors, or your friends strong body, it must have been the prayer that saved them? You dont reason through things very well, do you?
            Prayer. Doesn’t. Work. I could WANT it to work and it wouldn’t work, i didnt decide this, its just how it is.

          • Your personal story says nothing of proof. Anecdotes are not proof. Doctors can be wrong, they are people.

            For every story you have of prayer working, I have 3 stories of the devout dying, despite their pleas to god.

          • You are really lost. I’m praying for you.

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            Praying does nothing. So you will change nothing by talking to yourself.

          • Especially with your eyes,ears,ass,brains shut in the process of praying, you are in a state of self induced comma thereby a liability to others at that time

          • Oh? And do you have links to back this up? Or shall we assume you just pulled this comment of your ass?

          • Prayer changes things. Man ought always to pray and not faint.

          • *Your statistics ARE wrong. Y’all need Grammar Jesus.

          • Rosal Jane Ruda

            Bless you and your witty mind.

          • Cinthia Esmeralda

            someone with a nickname “Diabla” makes a lot of sense…. lol

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            Are you scared? Superstition must run your life.

          • Feli Fee NichOlas

            speak for your self, because its different if you only pray to feel better about YOUR SELF. you cant justify for these people.

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            Prayer is a futile act, even if you do it to ‘feel better about yourself.’ So what? Talking to yourself makes you feel better about yourself? People supposedly pray to help, but what they dont realize is that praying is just wasting time. Its a useless act. You wanna help these people? Donate money and time.

          • News Flash: Posting that you’re “praying” for someone is only serving to make yourself feel better and is inherently a more selfish act than anything else.

          • I don’t think you understand prayer.

            When someone says they are praying for someone, it is because they have a faith that the One they are praying to has the ability to do what they can not. It isn’t about self righteousness but about humility. It is asking for help from One they believe is capable of helping. It is acknowledging ones own personal inadequacy.

            I can give as I am financially able, give my time or resources as I am able, I can spread the word so others can also do this. But that isn’t enough to solve it. And so when I reach the end of what I can do, I pray.

            Of course there are some who will pray INSTEAD of being practical. But one does not negate the other. Praying can also help to discern how to best give, because the One being prayed to knows not only the situation I am concerned about, but my own situation, and will know how best to use the resources that I have.

            Prayer in this circumstance is the opposite of what you were assuming.

          • Prayer is useless and stupid. Don’t you think those 234 young women PRAYED that they would be let go, not hurt, not raped, and let go every single night? Don’t you think they prayed over and over again that their lives could go back as they were and that the trauma never happened?

            Nope, your GOD did that to them. Your GOD let them be taken. Your GOD let them be raped countless times by countless men. Your GOD has now condemned them to a life of mental anguish, physical suffering, and if forced – to mother some maniac’s child.

            Your GOD does not deserve to be prayed to.

          • Nope, it was your Satan .

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            If you had any common sense you would realize that you can test the efficacy of prayer, even among the most devout who swear that their prayers are heard and not ignored.

          • There is no Satan, just like there is no God. There is just the negative hate and evil that lives in the hearts of men and manifests itself in myriad ways. Humans in their ignorance try to blame someone or something for everything good and bad that happens. It is no Sky Daddy or Dirt Daddy doing anything. It is men.

          • Ferleen Joseph

            The Fool hath Said in his Heart there is no God.. U All are Very Corrupt! I Pray u Will c the Light Soon!

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            No one will ‘see the light’ because prayer does nothing

          • LMAO. Praying for people who don’t believe in God is like offering peanuts to a person with a peanut allergy.

            We don’t want it. We don’t need it. Just keep it to yourself.

          • amen. Religion is the fairy tale to make us all feel better about ourselves. Human beings are selfish, rude, brutal, lying, cheating, sociopaths. We’re barely evolved above the level of our primate ancestors. Yes, we have technology and advanced science, but culturally, instinctively, we’re still the same savages we’ve always been. Our own actions refute the concept that there is anything “divine” about us.

            Moreover, religion is crafted in a way to encourage subservience. Trust in the priests, in the texts, because they are absolute truth. Question nothing, and accept your place in life. If you do that, and follow some silly rules about what to eat, or what random poetry to recite, you’ll be granted a special afterlife. So in other words: if you’re being screwed over in this life, don’t worry about it, you’ll be blessed with everything in the next one.

            Such a great tool to keep the masses from rising up against the elites. You know, religious figures like the Pope, or Jerry Fallwell, or these other religious leaders who live in luxury while preaching to the poor.

          • By this logic, you are saying Satan has power over God.

            Because if these girls prayed to God and Satan still made bad things happen to them, it means either God did not care (and thus he is not all-loving) or he could not stop Satan (and thus he is not all-powerful).

          • so you’re satan?

          • i will pray for you that someday you will see yourself humbling before God

          • Thanks, and I’ll pray to Satan that He takes your eyes.

          • Read the story of Joseph in the Bible. It is full of stories of pain and suffering. He suffered much too and God used the evil doing which stem from satan, himself, the “great deceiver”. God turned the mess around for His good purpose, ie Joseph. God will use and turn the evil for His good purpose. It is SOOOOO hard to see good and yet it may NOT have happened yet, but it will. God grieves when He sees his children weeping, look up the longest passage in the Bible, “Jesus wept.” There is so much to say but in the end, GOD HAS TAKEN CARE OF THE BIGGEST hurt and pain and problem that we have and that hell is defeated because of the payment for ALL sins. The life after death is FREE to all who accept it. I pray that you, Deborrah Cooper, when you stand before a Holy God that you will simply say, “Don’t look at what I have done but what Jesus has done for me, He Has Died and Rose again FOR ME.” He will ans you, “Welcome my child, paradise is prepared for you for all eternity.” You are lost now and will spiral in life until you find the True God of the Bible and then you have peace that passes all understanding. -God Bless you.

          • Rosal Jane Ruda

            God gave us free will. God allows it because we are given the chance to choose, whether we choose to do wrong and evil things or not. Why blame God for the bad things we do?

          • Because we blame god for the good things we do. Either god is all-powerful or he is not. It cannot be both.

            People pray because they want God to intervene in some way. But if we have free-will, what good is prayer anyway?

          • Rosal Jane Ruda

            prayer is not all about intervention. Prayer is not equal to “asking for help” entirely. Prayer can also be about thanksgiving, comfort, among other things.

          • I would have to say that you truly don’t Know about that of which you speak and judge. Humans have free will and God doesn’t stop that because it is free will that humans do help others. To not give them free will is to deny the good to happen also through human effort. . Why go to a doctor if God controls everything all the time. Why try to help anyone if God completely controls everyone and everything?answer that. There is more to think about here before condemning one who prays . And also the praying also clarifies the prayer about what is needed and discern the truth of what has happened. You need more experience with prayer a s a believer and listener as well as praying . That is also listening in quiet.

          • “Why go to a doctor if God controls everything all the time. Why try to help anyone if God completely controls everyone and everything?”

            In these two questions, you admit that God is not all-powerful. If God is not all-powerful, why pray for his intervention?

          • Yahweh Our God is deserving of praise and worship and prayer. And remember it was evil people who harmed those girls, not Him.

          • Beautiful response Elizabeth. Enough said.

          • Not a believer, but that was very well said.

            When I was a churchgoer, they used to preach “Faith without works is dead.” That is absolutely true.

          • I heard somewhere that this One only helps those who help themselves. How do you reconcile that with your logic that praying somehow affects reality?

          • We don’t expect you to understand. But please know that God does hear and respond.

          • Well, if they’re Christian prayers, the book of Matthew tells you to keep it to yourself. He actually uses the word hypocrite when describing those who pray in public. I would assume that vocalising the sentiment to pray in public is just as hypocritical, at least in the eyes of the Lord. I hate this phrase, but: “Remember when you point the finger at others, you have three pointing back at you.” Make sure you know the intricacies of your own faith before you start lol-ing at the “hypocrites,” when in fact, by the definition of your own Holy text, you are the hypocrite.

          • Mstogood Tobetrue

            Yes so Lucifer once to live in heaven as well and yes he’s full aware of the word of God do that make him a Bible scholar?definitely! do that make him a a child of God? does he have the heart of God? And just because you don’t believe does that mean that God isn’t real that prayer is not real that rather you do it in silence or out loud! Just because you know about something doesn’t mean you know it!

          • “And just because you don’t believe does that mean that God isn’t real”

            And just because you believe doesn’t mean that he is real.

          • To talk about prayer, what it means and to affirm that you will be praying is not hypocritical, just an affirmation that you believe in sharing your thoughts and request to the One who hears and answers according to HIs good pleasure and for our good.

          • Totally missing the point.

          • No one. NO ONE told the OP not to pray. Not a single person. People are merely saying that you can pray, but if you want to have an impact, you gotta do the work.

          • Opinions,boss these people needs real help not some words said said with your eyes, brains,asshole and every and every other part of your body shut!

          • I’m saying pray to yourself, that’s all. I have never and will never tell someone not to pray for something. Pray all you want, but I’m just asking people that pray to acknowledge that prayer literally doesn’t do anything except make the person praying feel better about themselves.

            Coming on here to announce to the world “God help these young women” does literally NOTHING to actually help these girls. The people who rescued them are the ones who did something to free them…it wasn’t prayer.

            To believe that saying words into the ether will somehow miraculously evolve into actual, physical helping in these situations is batshit insane. You talk about what I’m like to deal with in person but holy shit you must be a real gem.

            These people ACTUALLY believe there is some magical sky fairy listening to them, etc. The whole time they’re thinking “This prayer is going to help these girls” and that is crazy. Literally crazy. If I muttered “God, bring me a Twinkie for dessert after this dinner” and I ACTUALLY expected that to happen I would hope someone would commit me to an institution.

            By the way, you don’t have a fucking clue what I do in my life so when you say that I should get out there and help in these situations, how do you know I don’t do that? Not in THIS situation, obviously, but how do you know i don’t help other victims of kidnapping/slavery?

            Maybe you should pray about it.

          • NeKael Towingyoshyt Jones

            I’m not at all offended. the point I’m trying to make is who are they to tell me what I should do? I have to follow my own heart and convictions. At 42 years old, I have every right to express my views and opinions in addition to my religious beliefs. All I see is people telling me what I should or shouldn’t do in this situation when they’re doing the same exact thing I’m doing. Commenting on news thread..disqus_k3N6AvGviT thanks for your input. I’m a guy by the way 🙂

          • Lindsay Huestis

            Ignoring the point and choosing to think you’re being attacked doesn’t change anything. If someone’s home is on fire, you see it and all you do is pray and not call the fire department, then you did NOTHING in actually tangible terms to make the situation better. Telling the family with the burned house that you prayed instead and no one can make you call 911 would be just as dumb as what you’re saying. No one said praying is wrong. They just said it is not YOU making an ACTION, it’s passive, it is hoping that God will make an action.

          • anne marie caluwaert

            As someone who believes in praying – what is good – shouldn’t you also not believe what the Bible says about ‘turned the other cheek’ and be less agressive about what people say on websites? I’m sure she didn’t try to tell you to not to pray – just like all of us she is shocked and expresses her feelings that we should do all what little we can to help! And that is not an attack on you or anyone it just her opinion just as you posted your opinion! Why are all people lately so agressive and easily offended about what others say or think? Why can’t we live in peace and find reasons to live in peace instead of finding excuses to bash or argue? Just saying….

          • NeKael Towingyoshyt Jones

            I never bashed anyone. Nor have I been even remotely aggressive. I didnt type in all caps nor have I insulted anyone as I see on these sites so many times. Just wondering why these folks are trying to tell me how I should address the travesty that has happened to these young women. FYI In my lifetime I have saved abused children, stopped attempted rapes, and put plenty of bad people in jail that have done bad things to women and children. So much judging when none of you know anything about me. Back to the subject at hand. The young women who have been traumatized. And I said all that without the least bit of sarcasm…

          • so it is all about you…

          • “Look at me God! Look how much I care! I mean, I don’t really care, but I’m scared that if I don’t show you how much I care through prayer, you’ll be mad. Please don’t be mad with me God. God? Are you there God? I thought not”

          • “I have every right to express my views and opinions in addition to my religious beliefs.”

            Unfortunately for you, so do the rest of us.

          • Prayer_changes_things

            So one minute you are saying by all means pray but the next your saying that the time spent on praying could be spent on giving money to help sounds to me you are confused on what you are saying. Anyway maybe that person dont have the money to give, so while you are telling them to do so how about you go give the money because you obviously have it to give since you are telling them what they should do with their time and how they chooses to help and they will continue to do what they can do to help and then now we have two people doing what they can do!! $ aint always everything

          • Good grief – way to get off the subject of these poor young girls people.

          • NeKael Towingyoshyt Jones

            Yeah no kidding.

          • You were the first to post about praying and then defend your own inaction while professing what a great person you are. Don’t act like you weren’t the one who started sending this thread off topic.

          • Prayer_changes_things

            Actually they did that when they said what they said. My point was if everyone does what they can to help then thats what matters its not what they do to help its that they did something to help. I am in no way getting off the subject at all and dont take whats happened/happening lightly and it is very heart breaking.

          • I’m not telling anyone to do anything you lunatic. I merely said if you pray then have fun knowing you aren’t doing shit except making yourself feel better. Prayer does literally NOTHING. There is no God (unless you have evidence otherwise…I’d love to see it, as would the rest of the entire history of the human race) so this whole thing is just dumb.

            WHat helped those girls were tactics by the men who went in and got them out. God had nothing to do with it.

            Also, I gave over $100 directly to a charity that funnels over 90% of their funds DIRECTLY to groups like the Nigerian military offensive that rescued these girls. I also am a film maker and made a documentary dealing in abductions and the sex trade industry, so shut the fuck up trying to tell me to take more action.

            Maybe you should pray about it.

          • we all do what we can with what we have to offer. Prayer may be all we have. It is better than ignoring the awful circumstances.

          • Why don’t you stop wasting your time posting online and go off and solve the ills of the world ?

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            lol by praying? You do realize posting online does more than praying even(since prayer does nothing).

          • It is frightening that there are people like you in the world.

          • You fucking dunce, I am a film maker who literally made a film on abduction, especially into the sex trade, AND I give whatever money I can to organizations that give the vast majority of their funds to organizations that help in terrible situations like this.

            So, to be clear, I have probably done more personally for these girls than anyone else in this thread combined. That is not to flaunt myself, but to repudiate you and others’ claims that I “do something myself.” The reason I’m lambasting all you religious nutjobs is BC I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE.

          • Ok… look, I’m as vehemently anti-religion as the next guy. I think religion is a cancer on society, and praying is stupid. But seriously, if someone says they’re praying for these girls, take it with the sentiment it’s meant. It means they’re thinking about these girls, that they care. It may be useless, praying might be a total waste of time, but I have a feeling that the commenters trashing this person for referencing his/her prayers aren’t doing anything more than that person is. The haters are just feeling morally superior for calling out prayer as being useless (which is is). It’s a hypocritical, moral superiority attitude and it’s just rude and inappropriate.

          • I think about these girls. I care. And I am also non-religious. But I don’t post “Thinking about these girls” online because it solves nothing and would be purely for my own self-righteousness.

            That’s why people are upset with the OP. The flaunting of ones own self-righteousness and the inferred moral superiority that comes with it inflames people. Just as those people’s self-righteousness inflames you (and caused you to make this post).

            [Note: inflamed is a bit strong of a word, but I’m not sure what to replace it with]

          • Your reading comprehension needs work. I’m not trashing anyone for praying. I’m saying i doesn’t DO anything to actually help. That is a fact, and not something I’m using against them. I was originally trying to get the OP to see what it is people are saying b/c they got their panties in a wad, just like you 😉

          • Everyone contributes according to their means, and he has contributed a prayer and moral support because that’s what he can afford, Why do you expect him to do what he has not thought about , or has thought about but can’t afford?

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            You don’t actually help them with your worthless prayers.

          • NeKael Towingyoshyt Jones

            LOL TROLLS…

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            We aren’t trolls just because we dont agree with your superstition about prayer.

          • Diablo , you have my prayers. With a name like that , you need all the prayers you can get .

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            I think you missed the part where prayers dont actually do anything. Also, it’s just a name, you are too worried about mythical ‘evil’ if you think a name somehow is a hurtful thing.

          • Look guys, we are starting to get to him. When someone throws out “TROLLS!!”, its usually because they have no better argument

          • Why do atheists object so vehemently against prayer ? If you believe there is no God , then why do you care ? If I want to worship say trees or even the devil , would you care ? No ! You hear the word God and it scares you . Your amazing intellect will not allow you to have faith .You are too smart to believe in God .There are billions of people who do believe and it makes you crazy . Your arguments against God almost sound like you are preaching . “Me thinks doth protest too much “

          • Why do religious people object so vehemently against secularism and atheism? If you believe you are saved, then why do you care? If I want to worship nothing, and live a life of reason, would you care? No! You hear arguments for reason and reality and it scares you. Your amazing faith will not allow you to have reason or logic.You are too devout to accept reality. There are billions of people who do not believe in any god and it makes you crazy. Your arguments for God almost sound like you are preaching. “Me thinks doth protest too much”

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            The only thing that bothers me is that people are too stupid to realize how useless their prayers are, and yet they still force this superstitious action onto children. lol, pathetic.

          • We are all so very glad that you feel good about yourself for praying. We are just so grateful that you can sleep at night because you put forth literally the least amount of effort possible and still feel proud enough of yourself to post it on the internet.

          • Cinthia Esmeralda

            ouch ouch ouch !!! that’s how you say go eff yo’self ! it’s like people come here to see if we Christians say “GOD HELP THEM !” so they can say something back, but they don’t add ANYTHING positive to the subject matter whatsoever, in their status of non-christians, atheistic or whatever they want to be called they can be consider light ! Thank GOD I believe in GOD, otherwise I would be as sad as these poor souls are ^^

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            You are sad, you worship a superstition. lol. People probably hear your god talk and laugh at you, its like a child praying to santa claus.

          • You don’t seem very happy in this post? Logic gettin’ ya down?

          • Apparently the beliefs that you copied from the conquerors are not helping! Most of you have been praying ever since you started practicing their religion and where has it left you? Passive, weak, unorganized, indifferent, apathetic, subjugated and defeated! The world will continue to judge Africans by their actions and inactions. How you treat the women and girls shows your condition.

          • “Do something don’t pray” Funniest thing I have ever heard. Wha, praying is pretending? Even a none believer could just type “pray” on a dictionary to know what it mean.

            Also how do you even know NeKael Towingyoshyt Jones is doing something or not? Or do you also want people to write down what they doing as well?

          • I love how this post went from feeling bad for those less fortunate, to debate about doing nothing.


          • The huge joke is that these women are likely Muslim. Your prayers are to the wrong god.

          • Mstogood Tobetrue

            Don’t tell people that praying is doing nothing if you don’t believe in the true power of prayer and you see it as nothing then I am praying for you as well.

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            Prayer does nothing.

          • Still praying for you !

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            You are wasting time talking to yourself. No one hears you. God only lives inside your mind.

          • That’s okay! I’m praying to Satan to take your eyes.
            Have a great day!

          • Still praying for Satan to take your eyes.

          • Well, Well, I will surely say a prayer for these girls coz I believe something will happen. If you don’t believe in prayer, well, I don’t condemn nor blame you. But prayer has worked for me in the past. For those who believe in prayer, lets also pray for the Boko Haram to repent from their evil deeds.

          • These girls are Muslim. You’re praying to the wrong Sky Daddy

          • This is either the most meta joke I’ve ever read, or you are fantastically delusional.

          • Risi- we all react differently, no need to condemn prayer. I will pray for you

          • Ferleen Joseph

            Huh?? Only a Fool does Not know what prayer does!! U better learn to Pray!

          • Prayer works, and it is what helped find these girls. Sorry your so shallow.

          • Does it? Or does the hard work of brave people deserve the credit for finding the girls? THOSE people deserve the glory. Not your imaginary friend. Especially because these girls are muslim, so your prayers went to the wrong imaginary friend anyway.

          • You have imaginary friends? I doubt you ever worked hard on your feet a day in your life. If those girls are Mooslim, then they are a lot like you, not worth saving. Now if they were upright hardworking Christian girls we should not only save them but toss you to the Mooslims instead. That way they can give you religion.

          • Ah, gotta love that Christian Love, right?

          • Yes it’s unconditional

          • Unless you are “Moosilm” apparently. Since they are “not worth saving”
            Doesn’t seem like you have unconditional love. If you did, you wouldn’t have suggested tossing me to be raped by radicals.

            Gosh, seems like is a LOT of conditions to be rewarded by Christian love.

          • In matters of faith and religion you are a child. Discussing these matters is a waste of time. You have neither the spiritual depth, or desire to have this understanding. To you everything is shallow and superficial. Like the typical libtard you cannot see or weigh the simple commonest denominator.
            Here’s something to chew on Islam is evil, it’s very nature is to submit, to submit your inalienable rights, those are rights not granted by man for you libtards. Therefore if islam means to strip you of your rights and your life, then they are evil. It is the duty of just men to wipe evil from the earth. The left also wants to subject you and take away your rights, this makes them just like Mooslims, and NAZIS for that matter. Christians are about love, opportunities, growth, happiness, and living and obeying a high law given by God.

            I know your head is spinning and your brain is smoking so I will leave you. I have to work to pay your bills.

          • You speak the truth! Glad people are calling people out on that pious illusion of assistance!

          • Denise Van Winkle

            If you’ve never prayed, then you’d never know if they’d have been answered. You have no idea in what ways your prayers might help those girls, how God may help them. There is no harm in prayer. God didn’t allow this to happen to them-this is the doing of evil men. Throwing money at a situation doesn’t always solve it, and we don’t all have money to give. We’re not all Angelina Jolie.

          • “God didn’t allow this to happen to them, that was men.”
            But when those girls are found “God did it! Yep, all his doing.”

          • Denise Van Winkle

            I don’t believe I said God found them. But, I believe good people do God’s work. And, some probably believe those men are the Devil. It’s all subjective. The important thing is they are safe. They have a hard road ahead of them.

          • Okay, normally I’d have something rude to say, but if I’m being honest here, you made an excellent reply. Thanks 🙂

          • Okay then if it makes you happy, they probably enjoyed having the pregnancies it’s not as if they were artificially inseminated. You feminists really p..s people off. Then you go out in the evening and submit your self to a man…at man. People are sympathising with the girls and you make it look they are the ones who fuc…d them. Risi go get screwed!

          • How the hell can you tell her what to do? If the only thing she can do at the moment is pray that is good enough!! Are you doing anything to help. As soon as someone mentions pray you guys act like idiots. If her beliefs involves pray, who the hell are you to jump on her damn case? By the way, praying is doing something real. i bet when something bad is going on in your life the first thing you do s pray! Everyone is entitled to their own way of living, you do you!

        • No one is telling anyone not to pray, but for ***** sake, pray and then do something to help, something meaningful, people, it is in the bible, supposeddly god makes things happen using us as instruments of his will… I’m sure this woman weren’t saved by people praying, but by people with weapons willing to kill if necessary in order to achieve an objective. Which in the end, led to the saving of these woman.

          And by the way, i’m agnostic, be ashamed that a person that does not practice your religion is lecturing you on it…

          If 50% of the people that prays would do something more after doing it, this world would be a better place, sad that isn’t happening.

    • We should get Tony the Tiger to help these young ladeis. He’s grreaattt

    • God help these children and young women. I pray that your everlasting grace and mercy will see them through this horrible ordeal. Nekael Jones dont ever let ANYONE tells u that prayer doesnt work. U and i might just be in the position to pray, but through that prayer God will provide. With our prayers, God will put people that are in the position to actually physically help to do just do. As long as we pray with FAITH prayer works 100% of the time.

  2. Some of these women and children will have babies that need adopting. Is there any information on how to do that? I pray that none of them face any more horror.

  3. This is so shocking! I condemn the barbaric acts by boko haram that they’re been perpetrating for gains in politics and business. They should be eliminated ASAP. Also I hope that the UNFPA would continue supporting the mothers and babies :'(

  4. highwaterjane60

    I hope ever dang one of you, who are anti-abortion opens up your checkbooks and sends a great big fat check to cover the costs of these pregnancies and the children who will soon be born. If you don’t you are big, fat hypocrites who need to do some serious soul searching.

    • None of these women wanted to murder their yet born. It is too bad that conception was not prevented until it was desirable for them to bear their children. How can we help support these poor babies and their mothers?

      • You don’t know that! You have no idea what a young schoolgirl wants for herself – I would be anything it is not to have the rapists baby! WHo is the father? With multiple rapists how would she know? And every time she looks at that kid, she will have to remember the terror that led to it’s creation over and over again. Naw, they should give them all abortions as soon as possible. Leave that mess behind physically and work on leaving it behind mentally and emotionally. It’s nothing but torture to make a woman be raped and have to take care of the rapists child. Ugh. What is wrong with people?

        • Two wrongs solution makes for a messier life longer… You are killing me with compassion… punish the child… again!

          • Ralph do know what it is like to carry a rapist’s child? Do you Ralph?

            Deborrah (above) is showing the best compassion there is.
            You think that women want these babies? If they do, good? Otherwise please refrain from making comments toward women like the one you did.

            Unless you are a women who has been raped, you know nothing! If you have been raped my deepest sympathy to you. I’m just glad for one thing, that a man as you seem to be, you unlike us women folk don’t have to have the rapist’s baby and NO ONE is telling you that you should! Raped by men then men tell us we should keep the baby…yeah well done!! Abhorrent.

          • it seems most of them are too far along for abortion anyway. and even though if may be difficult to carry the rapists child, it’s not the childs fault how it was conceived. hopefully they have good counseling and can look to adoption if they can’t or don’t want to raise these babies.

          • Debbie Patterson

            i agree with you,Aya. why is it the babys fault? the women can put them up for adoption. women make me sick, lets just murder these babies,they are not anything. shame on you.

          • Until you have been a victim of sexual assault and know what a horrible experience it is and how hard it is to deal with SHUT UP! You have no right to push your beliefs on these girls! These are not girls that were just out having unprotected sex. They were kidnapped and raped countless times. They have the right to choose, adoption or to terminate if it is still a safe option for them. No sexual assault victim should be forced to carry a pregnancy against her will. If a victim chooses to that is her right but it should not be forced on any victim.

          • because of rape abortion is necessary? So the c hold is 50 percent mother too how can you save my 50% I f you get an abortion. That child may be the only one they conceived

          • How can a woman save her “50%” of a child? You don’t need to. There are plenty more “50%” of children hanging out in the ovaries. These girls are young. Plenty of time to have children they actually want.

          • Yes because being a brood mare for a rapist is way less traumatizing than having to abort a rape baby. Or maybe not. Having never been raped by a religious extremist, I can’t say with any degree of certainty. I will say however, unless you’re willing to open your home to all 214 of those rape babies, you should perhaps tone down the rhetoric, just a tad.

          • And how many african babies are being adopted? Nope, people want White babies, Asian babies, and Russian babies – babies with wihte skin. Even in America the African American children languish in foster care. Those kids will be in orphanages and subjected to rapes and hunger themselves. All you bleeding hearts kill me with your pie in the sky fantasies of life. Read something so you know the real deal. Those girls need abortions and I don’t care how far along they are.

          • Do you know how and if adoption works in that part of the world???

          • I appreciate you writing back. . And, obviously I haven’t carried the child of a rapist. I do know a child of a rapist and the mother who bore her. And she, despite the horror of the rape, was very glad not to have let this child (who bore no responsibility) live and go on to have 4 children of her own, and after they were grown adopted 6 children (from Chechnya) – all physically challenged – 2 of which died before becoming teenagers.

            While I cannot feel the full weight of being raped, I can, with God’s help empathize and contribute to the well being of those who have – both near and far away.

          • Miraj Lee Saxton

            As a person who knows what it is like to be raped it never ends when the rape is done. You spend your life fighting the shame and distrust of the unwanted act. Constant flashbacks and many other disturbing effects. I am also for the most part against abortion however when it comes to rape and the understanding the psychological trauma I can understand why one would not want to carry. The child is just another reminder of the rape and the rapist is their father the concern then would be would the father use that title to take that child and rape again, would this child be traumatized from understanding they were the result of rape. And lastly the small children who have been raped who got pregnant would tend to be re- traumatized by going through labor for this rapist child. The conflict of your first child being the rapist child and yours all at this young age. It is a lot. I think in this particular case if they are not too far along they should have this choice. The rape alone is a life long recovery. There are some that will be too far along for this to happen and will have to deal with the double trauma I discussed before. It is a tough situation

          • Elizabeth Davis


          • ministries…not everyone is religious…

          • What is “too far along” for you? You seem to be drawing some pretty arbitrary lines in the sand.

          • unfortunately there is no guarantee that these children who were raped and endured many horrors in captivity will have the luxury of having a chance at a normal life or to recover from this. It is cruel to then subject them (children themselves) to raising babies without support and help required to get past this.

          • And top it all off some says bring those children here into the world and the same society can be brutal at times to such children and some of those children can become very negative adults with such low esteem when they learn of their background of how they came into this world…….sigh

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            It’s not a child, its a fetus, possibly forced into her by a rapist. You people are sick thinking that this potential human has any equivalency to the mothers well being.

        • Dennis Campbell

          Does that include the ones that are more than 3 months pregnant?

          • For me it includes the ones that are 8 months pregnant. I really and truly don’t care. As long as its a parasite living in a young girl’s body to exist, then it doesn’t count.

          • Dennis Campbell

            I’m not totally against the idea of abortion. It should always be left to the potential mother whether she wants to be a mother or not. I am very certain that these girls wont have the option of abortion being that close to giving birth. How do you feeling about adoption as an alternative? In the case where sex is not consensual, its also not that childs fault it was forced to be made.

          • I agree!! You become a person when you are born. Period.

            We don’t give your an official birth certificate before you are born. We don’t issue social security numbers for fetuses. We don’t count a pregnant woman as two people in the census.

            Are you in a uterus? Then you are not a person. Are you outside a uterus? Congratulations on becoming part of the human race. End of story.

        • So the baby is not a part of her. That how forgiveness and therapy comes in.

        • All that you said, and also remember that adoption is no alternative, because the months of pregnancy + childbirth are like being nonstop raped all over again, I am sick of people who think that women should go through this and then “just” place for an adoption, do these people think that storks bring babies, that there is nothing like pregnancy and childbirth?
          Another thing is that many of these women and girls are probably in third trimester, but otherwise, if the woman was raped and demands an abortion, I think that every healthcare professional (or just anybody capable of performing the procedure, because – in settings of illegal abortion – even people without formal education can do it with reasonable safety) is morally obliged to provide the service, regardless of laws.

      • Open up your wallet.
        Get out your debit card.
        Copy paste link, take out the spaces.
        http://www. unfpa. org/ donate

        • Mercy Sinclair

          Not everyone has the money to do that. But would like to help. Since “prayer” has been deemed selfish & useless on this thread, I would like to know what people think someone can do. Or should we just all feel miserable about it because we can’t do anything, except forward the link and ambush some other sympathetic but poor person and make them feel like shit?

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            Volunteering costs nothing and is infinitely more useful than prayer.

          • I have $13 in my checking account at current, and I won’t get paid again until August. If I can do it, anyone can, and if you feel like shit, that’s your own guilty conscience.

          • BOOM. You rule, sir or madam. Continue being awesome.

          • You don’t have $10? You seem to have a computer and internet connection. Hmmmm

      • “None of these women wanted to murder their yet born.”
        How do you know that? Have you spoken with them recently?

    • And why are you commenting?

    • Do you know for certain what the girls want? Why would you use this hortible situation they are in to push your own pro abortion agenda? You are commenting out of the blue on this, no one had even mentioned abortion yet, shamming people that aren’t even there, talk to your self much? Have to create some imaginary foe to shame and put your own agenda out there. Maybe you should go down with a coat-hanger and do it yourself, get the blood on your hands you cowardly wordsmith.

      • “Do you know for certain what the girls want?”

        Considering the large number of victim and the fact that every person is different, it’s absolutely certain that there is at least one girl who wants to abort. And that makes it a valid topic.

      • LaDiablaBlanca

        Abortions should be available to the girls who want them. Just because you have some fucked up view about what an abortion is, doesnt mean people should be automatically forced to be baby machines. The fetus HAS NO RIGHTS. DEAL WITH IT.

    • Glenda Garrett

      These are mostly Christian women who would only be further tramatized by abortion. Are you so stupid that you think an abortion would be less trama? Those babies do not only carry the genes of their fathers. They also are part of the mother’s body. These are not early pregnancies. And to answer your question about the money, there are Christian organizations that have been negotiating for these women, paying ransoms to get them released and providing services to reunite these women and children with their families, paying for housing for those without families, paying for care and will pay for doctors. If the women do not want to keep these babies, the same Christian organizations will place them in Christian care facilities and try to find families to adopt them. You can spit your poison all you want because Christian organizations have been helping these women before this happened. Many of them were attending schools built and supported by Christians. Did you send money to help pay ransom? Did you send your money to an organization that did not skim most of it for operating expenses? I hope that you did, but don’t be disrespectful to Christians. You obviously have not the love of Christ to accept these innocent babies who have no guilt in their conception and deserve to live their life and not be murdered.

      • Excellently worded. Christians do and have been stepping up to take care of all kinds of needs near and far because compassion knows no bounds. Most of the time it is Christians who, without a word, do that which the rest of the world turns away from so that healing and hope can be had by the oppressed and the abused. And those who scream the loudest about the abused usually do nothing but talk…

      • That someone is Christian does not mean they will be traumatized by an abortion; actually women in developed countries (where abortion is generally legal and so on) are mostly Christian.
        If they wish to have a termination, they should be provided with one. There are atheist women who would prefer to carry the pregnancy to term and there are Christian women who would prefer to abort; it’s not about religion, it’s about personal choice. All the correlation with “Christian women are more likely to XXX” are interesting just for statistical and sociological purposes.

    • Hi. Someone who was conceived of rape speaking. Yeah, it is hard for a woman to carry a baby from rape to term. Yes, it really screws with the mothers head to look at and care for that baby. My mother certainly felt resentment towards me. Luckily I was adopted, although it was as a teen instead of a baby. And yes, it was hard to come to terms knowing I was brought about through sheer pain and trauma. But you know what? You don’t see me running towards my biological mother asking her to kill me because I remind her of her rape. It wasn’t my fault, and I have a lot of interest in being alive. Killing someone because they remind you of a traumatic experience that they didn’t help commit? Why don’t we just kill everyone who makes us uncomfortable – in the womb and out. I’m sure that will solve all of our problems. People who say we should just abort rape babies make me angry because you’re basically implying that you have more of a right to be alive right now than I do just because you were more planned. It’s arrogant.

      • Sylvia L. Bearden Braden

        Thank you for posting- the murder of a child I would think is a trauma causing event. I am glad you were adopted!

      • LaDiablaBlanca

        Whether you lived or not was up to your mother who gave her body and mind to push you out. It would have been well within her right to abort you. It was never your decision if you were going to be a human or just stay a potential human, nor should you get that choice as a fetus. Fetuses are not people and do not deserve the same rights. This humanizing of potential humans is doing nothing but causing pain and misery to actual living people.

      • You got lucky and so did your mother. Unfortunately in many parts of Africa being raped is the beginning of a hellish life, whether you want to keep the child or not.

      • You become a person when you are born. Period.

        We don’t give your an official birth certificate before you are born. We don’t issue social security numbers for fetuses. We don’t count a pregnant woman as two people in the census.

        Are you in a uterus? Then you are not a person, and don’t have rights. Are you outside a uterus? Congratulations on becoming part of the human race and all the ensuing rights that follow. End of simple story.

    • No kidding! Why is it that the same people who oppose abortion usually also refuse funding for womens’ health, pregnancy service, adoption and longterm child care, children’s health care, and (not that it would have made any difference in this case of course)… CONTRACEPTION? It’s just such a hypocritical mindset. Pull out their checkbook for some ‘disgusting overseas poor people’ when they won’t even support the people in need here at home? Yeah, that’s totally gonna happen, I’m sure.

      As a more general comment relating to some of the other replies below… The pictures make it look as though these girls might be too far along for an abortion, but if I’m wrong and it’s not too late, I think it should be each girl’s choice whether she wants to carry or keep that child… HER choice. Each of these women has been through enough terror that being forced to suffer for many more months is just cruel if that’s not what they want. If keeping the baby is what will help them sleep at night and feel right about their own choices, then by all means, they should absolutely do so. If being forced to carry their abductor and rapist’s baby to term is more painful and torturous to their psyche, then who is anyone else to judge?

      Although I’m so happy to hear there is an organization supporting these women in need, the article does imply that abortion isn’t even a consideration or option and that this group’s services are entirely about pregnancy support and counseling, etc. All very worthy causes, but I do wish there was another agency or group to help address the abortion issue if this one chooses not to.

      Good lord, what if it was YOUR daughter this happened to? 🙁

      • Maybe it’s the Nigerian law and not their choice? I don’t know. Or maybe because of the US funding.
        Let’s hope that they will just perform the abortions and STFU about that, because the other possibility is that someone else will do that with a piece of sharp wood, and they will just treat the consequences.

      • They don’t even help those who are raped – they SHUN them and tell them to just pray…I’ve seen this so many times it breaks my heart that they only care about the unborn child but not a single hoot about the mother who has endured suffering and is somehow expected to just let it go and have the child. What a complete disregard for the horrors and trauma of rape.

    • Yes, so with your train of thinking they should justkill the babies …

    • Abortions costs money too , where’s your check ?

  5. BOKO HARAM ARE FUCKING BASTARDS AND COWARDS. SHOW URSELVES ….STUPID THINGS. Raped a bunch of girls, like why will you do this to a fellow human being? WHY…i am so freaking angry. Young girls….gosh. God please please pleaseeeeeeeeee do something. arghhh

  6. Kimberly S. Langstaff

    Bless these ladies. If they willing to give up their babies to the Adoption, I would like to adopt a child.

  7. I hope they also get these girls to a good hospital for delivery. Many of them are very young and could have many complications–even death–from childbirth. However, very glad they will be receiving counseling.

  8. These girls all deserve to have their lives back without being saddled with some fools baby. Genes are inherited. So they will be raising a child with the same sick mentality and violent nature of its father…something the world absolutely positively DOES NOT NEED. None of these men should be able to pass on their genes. Abortions for all who want one should be offered.

    • All who WANT one, yes. I agree with you, but I also understand that the choice belongs only to the individual girls. No one has a right to tell a woman when to have a baby, and no one has a right to tell a woman when not to either. This whole situation is heartbreaking. These girls should have access to any and all medical services they need, including abortions, regardless of whether they are late term or not. They have been through enough.

    • “Genes are inherited. So they will be raising a child with the same sick mentality and violent nature of its father.” Holy cow you actually manage to be worse than every sign-carrying religious extremist. Personality and actions are not transmitted genetically. Even if a couple of the rapists were actual sociopaths, the chances of the child inheriting that trait are extremely low.

      • Actually, while what Deborrah says is ignorant, genes do impact actions. Read about epigenetics and research into maternal nurturing behaviors of rats. Genes do control actions (clearly I’m simplifying here but read for yourself)

        • First you say what I said is ignorant, then three words later you agree with me? You even go on to support my argument by referencing scientific studies. Whoever you are, you are confused in the head and need to just be quiet

      • Personality is transmitted genetically (and affected prenatally, but considering that here was high degree of prenatal stress, it’s only going to get worse); that’s why it’s a nonsense when someone think that they will just rise their child “so it’s extroverted” (for example).
        Actions are not inherited, but actions are to great degree consequences of personality.

        There is a quite a lot of research on identical twins separated at birth (usually for adoption), and they are alike personalities, although they’ve grown up in different environment and different families.

        Also, often you can recognize the behavior and personality traits of some more distant relative in a child. That sucks when your child reminds your mother in law.

      • Who cares if it is low? The chance is there and that is all that counts. Personality and behaviors are very much transmitted genetically. You don’t know that? Even likes and dislikes are inherited genetically! You really need to read up more on geneaology before you make these kinds of uninformed statements in a public forum.

    • My goodness! you have already condemned the poor babies. I can’t get out of my mind that if one of those babies were born in your neighborhood, they would live a life of such sadness, confusion and trauma because someone of your belief exist. So sad!

      • They would not be born in my neighborhood. We have better sense than to force a young girl whose body is too small to even deliver a child to have one. Just because a girl CAN get pregnant biologically does not mean her body can endure the stress of childbirth. It is torture for her to have to go through that pain. I for the life of me cannot understand how grown women would want to see children already traumatized by being abducted and raped for months, would want them to be FURTHER traumatized by forcing them to bear a child like they are animals on a farm. The attitude of some of the people here is just disgusting. You don’t care about these girls – all you care about is your religiously based belief that women are nothing more than breeders for men.

        • You are projecting a lot of your culture and belief as well, without realizing it. No grown woman is saying anything for these women, but you are. You projected all your opinions and anger on the babies, then called for an abortion. That was what i was addressing

          Secondly, you do not know if these girls will feel more guilt and condemnation if they abort these women. Like i said you are projecting your culture on them.

          You are so angry you can not see what you are writing. I don’t care about these girls? Women are breeders for men? You don’t even know me. You honestly think you care about these girls? Why? Because you want an abortion for them? Nigerians do not see abortion like you do, they have more of a family and community structure which makes people not bare things alone, and therefore there is a share of burdens.

          I could say more, but i hear you and like i said you are projecting your culture and inner conflicts on them.

          • Let’s say one of the girls is unable to carry a child to term for medical reasons, what would Nigerians do? Let the girl die?

          • Like always in controversial cases the extreme is reached to make a point, even when the extreme is not the case.
            If that extreme is the case, just like you the matter will be decided between the girl, family and doctor. But like I said family in non individualistic societies involves more than mommy and daddy.
            Just don’t be surprised if abortion is not considered. Like I said cultures and perspectives at different and shape people’s thinking in different ways.

            Let me give you another example. Here in the U.S bullying is a problem that many kids have cracked under. No fault of theirs, but just because it is passionately dealt with mingled with deep emotions here does not mean over in rough and hustle countries they will understand when you passionately explain why a kid cracked. None is right or wrong, but those third world children will seriously think the bullied is too fragile. Their life, culture, makes them “tougher.”

            Just using it as an example to say that just because over here in the west, people have a more black and white approach to things does not mean others think the same way.

            Those girls can actually feel more traumatized after an abortion and might not see the child as evil and destroying my life. Why? Because her family and society and culture might not see fetus, but child.

            Just a perspective to consider when a westerner takes a passionate, emotional stand over something and can’t for the life of them understand why those people “just can’t see it.”

          • Non-Nigerian African here – born and raised. This case is extreme – kidnapped & raped by terrorists is extreme. Not sure how much more extreme it can get. Comparing bullying to rape – this is not the problems & levels of trauma Olympics, but you cannot deny this is extreme. Assuming people, and in this case, CHILDREN are strong is not going to help anyone.

            I’m not trying to make a point but genuinely asking you for a clearer picture of your statement – what are the governing values, the ethos if you will of the Nigerian community – the same one that failed to protect these girls? From your comments, you appear to be a US resident with religious leanings – like many Nigerians. It will take a lot more than a vague statement about communities accepting these girls back to give these girls back a semblance of what they were robbed by those monsters. 1 Jn 3:17-18 & James 2:15-17 – Bible verses on well wishing your fellow man/woman/child in need without action.

          • Hi there.
            I am in no way assuming anything please. I was just responding to a question and did assume it was addressed to a westerner and showing a different perspective.

            Also I did at no time throw out a bible verse and handle this flippantly. I was addressing ONE issue. That is, do not just assume the girls want to abort or will abort and not be affected by it.

            Read the article. The community is working with organizations and counsellors. They are handling these girls practically. Not sure why you think concern is not offered enough.

            These girls have been failed in many ways like most Nigerians and Africans, but they have been rescued. Yes they are traumatized, yes their lives will always have a before then and after then moment but that is what professional counsellors and religious and community leaders are trying to address. Our anger and frustration aside what else would you do? Take them as herd to the abortion clinics? Will that solve their loss of innocence to you? I am asking genuinely.

            Let’s look at life realistically. Women and children are many times the victims of the world’s atrocities. From the beginning of time and it sucks.

            Listen just because it does not end up in mass abortions does not mean they are not helped, and that is what I am trying to convey. I can understand the outcry if tomorrow we read that the girls were ignored, shunned, avoided etc. but that is not what I am reading.

          • You actually never responded to the question. You wrote a lot, but none of it addressed the question except to say its “rare”

            I’m curious. What’s your answer?

          • I am curious to actually know your answer the the question posed to you: Let’s say one of the girls is unable to carry a child to term for medical reasons, what would Nigerians do? Let the girl die?

            Rare or extreme as this case may be, it is likely at least ONE of these poor children (the girls are indeed children themselves) will have complications including death.

            How do you respond in that case?

          • Okay let me ask you a question. If you have two children and both are hanging off a cliff by your arms and you only have the choice of saving one, which one would you choose?

          • First, stupid question.
            Second, the “oh we just let her die from pregnancy related complications” is equal to “I can save only one child… so I rather let them both die, then it will be fair”.

          • Listen I am not their mother or the whole of Nigeria. I was just making something clear, which is don’t just assume they want abortions. The whole abortion discussion would have only been appropriate if we had read that the society was forcing these girls to have the baby and many were dying medically. As it is it just sounds like people are personalizing this and so wanting their POV proven in this extreme scenario.

            But I am explaining something a bit more complex, which is that culturally the society does not see things the same way the west does, and that is okay. This whole argument on fetuses, babies, murder or not that is so accepted by many in the west is not a national thought over there. Abortion is mostly seen as murder of a child. If that is seen differently in other communities then that is what they have to bare on their conscience. It almost sounds like that procedure done en masse by those girls will just make some women around the world happy and fit some agenda.

            I will then ask, do they really care for these girls? If people truly care as they scream on this forum then respectfully follow the societal norms, sending the kind of help they can live with after the music fades away and the next news report grabs the headlines and they are a fading thought in the general international populace.

            I can just imagine a group of women or men from the west or wherever swarming the local community with medical equipment in tow, operating on these girls after convincing them that the children in their wombs are genetically evil, then after leaving with large smiles on their faces lwith the “issue” solved only for these girls and their communities to have to sort out their guilt, confusion and condemnation that is there as a result of religion, traditions that are 100s of years in place or culture. We can argue the outdatedness of this all we want but the facts are, That is their reality!

            This might sound strange to pro choicers but I never even once in my life heard culturally anyone in society have a fetus vs baby discussion, which is what many use to feel better.

            Could explain so much but this medium is not enough.

            Bottom line, Leave them please. Their community is handling it the way they want, whether people agree with it or not. If anyone wants to truly care and be proactive, then respect the community, respect the counseling offered, respect that the local community have chosen to accept these girls, and don’t personalize their decisions.

            Thank you all for engaging with me respectfully.

            Make it a great day!

          • I’d drop ’em both and go grab a hotdog, like a good American. Now you gonna answer that question or not?

          • “Secondly, you do not know if these girls will feel more guilt and condemnation if they abort these women. Like i said you are projecting your culture on them.”

            The solution is easy – just offer them abortions and let them decide for themselves. Yes, their culture is different, maybe just 10% of them will decide to abort (as opposed to approximately 99% in developed countries), but then we know that all of them got the best treatment they could get.

            Instead of judging their culture and saying “oh, these black people somewhere in primitive country somewhere in Africa, they are different from us, they prefer to carry rape pregnancies to term because that’s how their culture works – really, trust me, I’ve read about it on the internet”.
            We should offer them everything, and then maybe just sit and stare in surprise on what they pick, instead of deciding for them.

          • Not to get personal though, please do not add to what I write or my thoughts as I do so. I didn’t say those black people in any primitive anywhere…truss me as I read it on the Internet…” Those are your thoughts.

            My defense aside because it is not about me, and making an assumption here, I can tell you that if we both went into that village I would relate to them than you would. I leave it at that.

            I have lived in different parts of the world, and not as a tourist and maybe that also helps me to see that we all have different realities and just because I feel so passionate about something and it burns within me does not mean the person in front of me even sees what I do, based on their culture which is real to them. And I have to respect that.

  9. Can you imagine the future of these rapist if these young kids were white Europeans?

  10. cloak it with religioud beliefs as we have seen in history but this is a pathetic excuse to promote pedophilia and for mass rape…. pieces of sacriligious hypocritical shit…

  11. To call these future mothers “women” is a stretch .. they are still children .. and likely do not understand motherhood in the least .. Heaven help these babies .. 16,000 deliveries last year is disastrous .. where are all the fathers? seems like there is more of a societal problem here concerning women and families .. it seems to be everywhere .. lack of fatherly figures and the use of women as a place to deposit semen .. with no regard for the lives that are procreated is very tragic to say the least .. where are all the men ?? where are the fathers?? where are the daddies to these babies? .. Something more than counseling of these victims is needed .. but as long as men are allowed to get by with taking what they want sexually without cosequences .. nothing will ever change .. war seems to give soldiers the right to rape and pillage .. it has been going on for way too long .. basic lack of respect for human Life .in general .. Very Sad 🙁

    • Yes, sad indeed. And you are right , men are responsible for this heinous and all sexual perversion that makes women less than God would desire.

      • Nothing men do makes women less than anything. You do not have that kind of power. Men are the destroyers of all life on earth. You all destroy women, you destroy children, you destroy plant life, you destroy the oceans, you destroy the air we breathe, you destroy the water we drink, and you destroy every type of life form that your God created. I wonder often what good men are to women. Especially in situations like this – you offer nothing but platitudes and guilt, religious condemnation and blame. Every man in Africa should be up in arms joining together and fighting to destroy Boko Harem and their sympathizers, not sitting around talking about it on the web.

        • I am so sorry for the pain you feel and the way men have treated you. I really mean that, and i sincerely hope you get counseling for the pain. However there are good men, I am married to one. He has made me blossom, and honestly is my rock.

          And do not think i have not had my own set of trauma from men and hence talking flippantly. I have. Just know that you can see beauty again and that there are many men out there building women, adding value and doing their best.

        • Thank you for responding. I offered a confession that basically agrees with what you said. Perverted – unregenerate men do horrible things to those around them. It was not always this way – God did give woman to man because “it is not good for man to be alone.” This arrangement is a partnership for life instituted to move forward in fruitful living and increasing population. Sin entered the world and since then the world is becoming what we see today- sick and depraved. Not God’s fault… He sent His Son Jesus to undo what we could not, die on the cross for our sins so that we can have a relationshipn to Him and begin to truly love another and take of the needs around us. True compassion begins to bring healing to the heart as we deal with the circumstances we or they find themselves in. God will turn what man did in evil to something that will be for the good of these ladies… He is that Good!

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            God isn’t real. Your beliefs are a sham, and its pretty shameful to watch you try and force your fairy tale understanding of reality onto a strong woman who doesnt need it. “God did give woman to man” such a fucked up world view your ilk share.

          • I made a confession which is quite observable as regards to unregenerate men and their treatment of women/girls. Since you think it not desirable to retain any knowledge of God, His ways or even how to relate to Him, I don’t know if you could receive any help I could offer. The ‘screwed up’ world as you describe is not God’s doing. Satan deceived the woman (Eve) and Eve did what she was told not to. The rest is history as far as man’s depravity/ sin and waywardness. We see evidence of this everyday and especially from this article. God actualy did something miraculous about man’s sin… He became man, lived a perfect life, treated women as they deserved. He suffered at the hands of unjust men, died a sacrificial death for our sins and rose from the dead and offers new life to all who believe on Him! This Good News that can work miracles for these ladies who suffered this atrocity. May God’s healing touch in Jesus bring wholeness and good health to them!

          • LaDiablaBlanca

            God did nothing to save these girls, people did. You keep crediting some myth with the hard work and compassion of other human beings. Could you please leave mythical beings out of this?

          • Nothing mythical about it! There is abundantly more evidence for Jesus existence than there is for Plato, Socrates, and other like historic figures… So no Jesus is not a myth and man is guilty for these and all atrocities… 2 Corinthians 2: 14ff

  12. Nyasha Sandra Mkoko

    My merciful God.may u strengthen this ladies and restore their peace and happiness.i am glad they all have kept their pregnancies,arbortions NO…its killing an innocent baby.lets prays that they continue with the forgiving heart so that they love these babies despite the thought of being raped.UNFPA thank you so much,GOD BLESS…people what these people need more is our prayers and any positive support we can offer.

  13. This is not anywhere close to being possible. Even if they tried to get each girl pregnant, the rate would be at like 10-15%, not like 90%…

    • With young women, it’s almost impossible NOT to get pregnant over an extended duration unless there’s a medical problem. I doubt very much that any of the men were using any kind of contraceptive. Not sure where you get the 10-15% from.

      • 10-15% is the opposite value, like contraceptive “reliability” of not using contraception and just being lucky.

    • They were captured for about a year; for a healthy 20 years old woman, the probability of getting pregnant during one year of unprotected sex is about 85%. And they are even younger, and the possibility of male infertility was probably eliminated (rape by multiple men).

    • The proof is sitting right in your face, yet you close your eyes to it and attempt to deny it with skewed irrational logic and false science? You obviously know little to nothing about the human reproductive system. SMH

  14. Jesus Christ!!!!……214 of the 234 girls are pregnant!!!!!! Father God this case is totally yours, totally yours!!!!!……..This is so traumatic Father and only you can help them all right now.

    • Why should He help them now? Why didn’t he just help them NOT get captured and raped? Your God is pretty fucked up.

  15. I am mad, so so mad!!!! The government failed them, the people failed them!!!! The horror those girls have gone through and to now carry the seed planted in them from the horror!!!!……..God you must have a plan in all of this because this is hard Father, really hard.

  16. Ok. I’m seeing a lot of discussion about abortion rights. While I understand that this is naturally going to be part of the discussion, I think we should really be focusing on the young girls themselves. Was anybody else weirded out by them being called young women? I recognize many of them are pregnant, but I wouldn’t have called them young women because of it. They’re still teen girls. Perhaps it’s a cultural transition and that makes sense, but age-wise they are still teens. As teens who have been through incredible trauma, each will have her own unique journey to healing and need a lot of support in various ways. Each should be provided with that one-on-one support they write about, and each should have help in making decisions that work best for her within the context of her community. I’m glad that the communities are taking them back and, from the sound of it, are being supportive to the girls. Instead of launching a debate on the ethics of abortions, maybe we as outsiders should look into how we can help or be supportive towards organizations that are attending the needs of these girls rather than saying what we think is best for all of them.

    • ” how we can help or be supportive towards organizations that are attending the needs of these girls rather than saying what we think is best for all of them”

      Well, best for them is getting full range of options (abortion, adoption, motherhood), which is part of the “how we can be supportive towards organizations” – I would like to be supportive (read: send cash) towards some organization that offers them ALL OPTIONS. Could not find any.
      Looks like their only option are unqualified village abortionists, and I doubt they have Paypal accounts (or actually speak English), so I don’t see a way how to help them in “please use a sterile catheter instead of piece of wood; here is the money to pay for it” way.

  17. 234 girls go missing for how long? no one could find the girl… really? If your country saw the ordeal unfold and could not come to the aid of those poor girls- your opinion on what they should do or not do with the babies is not needed. Go back to your business- you were not concerned when they were lost, stop acting like you are concerned now that they are found!

  18. May God help through this tough state Amen…

  19. Susanna Iris Astarte

    Probably no possibility of abortions- though I’m sure they are needed.

    • I have pointed out that although most men would throw a post-born actual person out the door to die in the cold, if he tried to do to the dwelling place what an unwanted foetus does to its host’s body:
      Whereas abortion arguments are about the conceivable rights of the unborn, it would seem that prohibition of contraception is about the rights of the un-conceived.
      It is almost inconceivable!

  20. Islam is a peaceful religion and is very respectful of women, yep.

  21. Margaret Mwangi

    Mothers have unconditional love for their children, sadly the society isn’t very forgiving. Often times they will make reckless remarks to the innocent children pushing some of them to radicalism; and ensuring next boko haram generation

    • No they do not. That is such a fantasy. Mothers kill children all the time. Neglect them, beat them, abuse them. And in a case where you hate the man who fathered the child, hate how you were treated to get the child well its pretty logical that you will hate the child too.

      • Margaret Mwangi

        Only on the rarest of occasions will you find mothers rejecting their children, otherwise a mother will embrace her child without seeing the rapist in that child

        • That’s a lie. Perpetuated by a society that wants to keep women in the chains of mother-slavery.

          My mother only had me because of the time period I was born, women HAD to have children, that’s just what they did. She has spoken with me openly saying that if she had a choice back then (like women do now), she would have had NO children.

          It is NOT a rare occasion for a woman to not want a child. But these women are not vocal about it for fear of being called “not a woman” or “a monster”. They are not monsters. They are women who do not love their children. It happens, it is a part of life.

    • This is untrue. But it’s nice to believe it I’m sure.

  22. I hope these men come back as WOMEN and KARMA will do the same… unfortunatly then it be a never ending story….SO I pray God help these women Love, Peace NON-Violence

    • If you believe in “God” then you can’t believe in Karma or reincarnation. Get your own damn religion right. Or switch to a religion that encompasses your believe in Karma and reincarnation. Might I suggest Hinduism?

  23. So happy they are being rescued. Now the work begins to help them survive and get treatment. AUNF.org is helping survivors of Boko Haram’s horrible attacks. You can help too. https://youtu.be/2cMex91TleI

  24. Daughter of Achelous


  25. Deborah Greene


  26. Wait a minute! How did this abduction go from giving these girls “proper” education to getting them pregnant? Something doesn’t add up. Maybe I’m dumb.

  27. 'Fugahlee Jenkins'

    Dear Posters of this thread….this story is not about you, your religion, your beliefs or any of that. This story is about these young ladies. Let’s stay on topic shall we?

  28. Those who believe in nothing, generally do nothing. Those of us who believe in prayer to a passionate God not only pray but generally do something; whether it’s contributing money and or goods, volunteering or conveying our heartfelt support. Saying ‘I’m in your thoughts’ is nothing, tell me you’re praying for me and I’m comforted.
    Over my lifetime, I’ve found shallow, small minded people who readily criticize people of faith and prayer are the very hypocrites who actually do little or nothing themselves.
    Continue praying and supporting these young women my brothers and sisters, regardless of your religious affiliation. God is no respecter of persons.

    • LaDiablaBlanca

      God doesnt respect anyone because god isn’t real outside your minds. And, as far as reality is concerned, volunteering time and/or money would do infinitely more to help these girls than your prayers ever could. These girls arent helped by people mumbling to themselves.

    • How you feel when people say “you’re in my thoughts” is how the rest of us feel when people say to us “you’re in our prayers”

      Think about that.

  29. Victoria Lamport

    These poor young women. I certainly hope their attackers die a horrible death!

  30. LaDiablaBlanca

    I hope they have access to abortions if they no longer wish to carry the fetus of some creep.


  32. How can I offer my services I would love to take a child into my home

  33. the real problem/trauma is yet to come…..the children to be born may (i stress MAY) be treated like terrorists even though they are innocent

  34. How heartbreaking for these poor girls.

  35. Zipho Mdu Zwane

    only we can help our sisters, no God bullshit stories

  36. Suzanne Kiarie

    Goodness how people loose focus…. alot is happening in this world and we quarrel about this? smh..

  37. Haters gonna hate, prayers gonna pray.

    • And Atheists gonna get off their asses and donate time and money to help people who live in REALITY. Because there is only one life to live, and we must live it the best we can.

  38. god won’t help them – what god would create a world where such horrors exist? No, this is huMAN nature at its worst.

  39. islamisnotpeacefull

    The funniest part is all the people ragging on the woman who said she was praying… do you all forget what religion these selfish barbarians follow? Maybe that should be the highlight… or is that a big no no?? Should everyone be afraid because we might upset them! lol. Everyone attacks Christians, Jews and Catholics because they are harmless… Its ok to take the piss out of anyone, but… ohhh no!! The second i draw a picture of a child fucking murderer im a bad guy. Fuck your prophet. And those girls were taken because Boko Haram are muslim and they were Christian. The barbarians believe women should not be educated and muslims claim they respect all women… this definitely shows it.

  40. Wow. I’m just shocked that everyone is sooooooo concerned with prayers working/not working and religious argument instead of the situation at hand that –These hundreds of girls and young women were brutalized and need help. If you believe in God and think prayer works then pray. Maybe send a few $$ to the organizations that are helping. If you don’t believe in God and think prayers don’t work then practice what your preaching to the people who do believe in prayer and go and help the girls or donate some $$ to the organizations that are in action. The key point is being in action so that THESE HUMAN BEINGS are taken care of. It’s not about us, making each other wrong or our petty differences. It’s about taking care of these girls. All the rest is a distraction.

  41. I am so disgusted

  42. Meanwhile, back at the real story . . . .

  43. You people are pathetic!!!! The article above informs of how these women were kidnapped, raped, impregnated, rescued and are now on the bumpy road of trying to get their lives back to some sort of normality. It advises of the measures that are being taken to try and counsel these women so they can try and move forward in their lives after what I can only imagine was an horrific ordeal. But the comments have turned into a religious debate!!!!! Who cares if prayers are one persons way of helping? Who cares if someone donated money instead? Who cares if you believe the prayers help more or the money help more. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!! It’s about them, their suffering and their rehabilitation.

    • “Who cares if prayers work or not”

      Probably these girls, because after all “ITS ALL ABOUT” them. And SINCE is IS all about these girls, then we should all strive to help them in the most tangible way possible, and that is through time and money. Not prayers. Prayers only make you feel good about yourself.

  44. That the communities are “taking them back” is at least wonderful. However, what the hell else is the community SUPPOSED to do, since the community was unable to protect them in the first place?

  45. How did this happen? Rape rarely causes pregnancy (sarcasm but no insults intended)

  46. Can somebody offer them a free abortion ? Oh well, nevermind, everything is fine, the christian church is here to tell rape victims to keep the child no matter what.

  47. Kindly, when one does not believe in the power of prayer, or have experience with it, or have tried it and it did not “work” for them, they will cast it down and demean it. When one understands what prayer actually is, then they will believe. Of course, if you do not believe in God, and his Son Jesus Christ (because the kingdom of God operates by faith), your prayers will not work anyone.

    Do you think God is dumb? Do you think you are more intelligent than him? Even as parents, when our children do not show the slightest interest in what we want to do for them, we don’t do it. If you don’t even believe in God, why should he answer your request?

    Prayer is talking to God – someone more mightier and powerful than us all! Someone who is omnipresent, omnipotent and all powerful. It is prayer – believe it or not – that most of you are here!! If God could show you all the car accidents he saved you from, that drug trip that could of resulted in an overdose, or that shot that was meant for you and missed – or that beating from a spouse that SHOULD have killed you – you will believe. Unfortunately, people only believe AFTER they die. This should not be!

    Prayer is seeking God to go beyond us. It is asking for help! Help in situations we cannot control. Really – some people on this forum do not know where to go, or look for those beautiful girls. The money given to aid them is going in the hands of militia. Prayer removes the barriers and gets to the source – BRING BACK OUR GIRLS. God is able to remove the barriers, give wisdom (because Jesus is made unto us wisdom), and get the people to do the job. Could any of you do that? Did anyone of you make the world, or yourself? Judge yourself that ye be not judged.

    If you don’t believe in something, kindly, take the time to get educated and understand what you don’t believe. God’s power is manifest in the things he created. Ask the doctor that posted further down – he knows prayer works.

    Prayer works and is real. The people that don’t believe prayer works – look into their life. It’s most likely full of tumult, confusion and most times – no peace.

    • “Even as parents, when our children do not show the slightest interest in what we want to do for them, we don’t do it.”

      So when your kid refuses to eat, you stop cooking for it and feeding it? Nice parenting skills. I’m sure Child Protective Services might have something to say about that.

      I thought God was all-loving, and the provider of unconditional love. But you have shown me the truth. The truth that he is a selfish god that loves you only on the condition that you love him first.

      If god is mightier and more powerful than all of us, why did he let those girls get taken and raped? They are religious girls who pray. Doesn’t look like their life was very peaceful.

  48. Iain Christopher Reid

    Disgusting animal islamist rapists. Literally the plague of humanity, a cancer.

  49. Josphat Karanja Okoth

    God have mercy

  50. The outcome of ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ – what now? http://www.examiner.com/article/the-outcome-of-bring-back-our-girls-what-now via @examinercom Will you just forget that it happened?

  51. Cinthia Esmeralda

    I can’t believe you ignorant bunch are talking about religion AT THIS MOMENT, ON THIS ARTICLE instead of having an direct opinion about the subject matter, lol

    • LaDiablaBlanca

      The irony is that you are calling people ignorant and still pandering a fairy tale that doesnt help these women in the least.

  52. Prayer can do things that we can’t. That’s the reason to pray. We can’t literally go into a girl’s heart and heal it of the trauma and pain she endured. We can give psychological counseling and money to help and that’s good but we are only human. The heart is what really matters and only God has access to that and is able to change that. That’s why prayer does do something and more than money alone.

  53. I am a devout Christian and respect the right of others to worship God as they are lead by their consciences. I am disturbed that believers of all persuasions have not sufficiently condemned these barbaric acts and atrocities committed in the Name of God or Allah and in the name of Islam. I have heard a few Muslims coming out publicly to condemn Boko Haram but to this day I have not heard any universal condemnation by Muslims, concerning this situation where terrible, evil and wicked acts like these are committed in the Name of Allah. As a Christian, I condemn these acts unconditionally, regardless of who is behind them. Unfortunately when Christians and people of other faiths come out to condemn Boko Haram, El Shabbab and similar groups committing these heinous acts in the Name of God (Allah) some Muslims view it as an attack on Islam. How can it be an attack on Islam, when Muslims all over the world tell us that Islam is the religion of peace? It is obvious to any object person that organisations like Boko Haram and El Shabbab are clearly not living up to the standards of Islam, the religion of peace? How does raping innocent girls and virgins bring praise and glory to Allah? It is time for believers, whether they be Christians, Muslims, Jews etc to stand up and condemn this wickedness committed in the Name of God.

  54. Joe Villagrana

    what a joke lol

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