32 year Old #Zimbabwe Prophet Magaya shocking secret exposed

Dear Friends

I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am really in a time of a great depression because of issues I am about to reveal. It’s sad I am standing in the middle of nowhere as we speak and it’s the love of Christ that’s keeping me going but I have realized I also need to do my part as a Christian to deal with my conscience and to do what is right.
I respect Prophet Walter Magaya but the events that have unfolded in the past few days have left me with no choice but to open my mouth. Let me answer why I am still here before I am asked, I had promises that I was supposed to get from the Prophet and I don’t need them any more as God has spoken to me in a way that I will reveal at a later stage.
Prophet Walter Magaya has a standing strategy which he has been using for a long time if you check his history every time an issue is about to come out against him, he makes sure he makes a donation that somehow wins the hearts of the Government and the powerful politicians and that has worked for sometime now as he got protection . Prophet Magaya has a network of people in the security sector that keeps him ahead in terms of information. He is informed of everything that happens in the security sector including minutes from certain C.I.O meetings and this is mainly anything to do with himself and other men of God. The police is even worse as he has a wider network of people of keep him updated on a daily basis. He pays his network well and makes sure he is ahead of many in terms of information. Prophet Magaya was told by a source from the police that he would be arrested on Friday evening and that’s exactly how he got a chance to do the usual and he pre-empted the arrest on his live service on the day that he would be arrested, he staged a drama that was rehearsed before the service in my eyes to maintain support if he goes and also to incite an Evan Mawarire type of support . The information on his arrest was known by a few in the security organizations but Prophet Magaya used the old trick that he has used to get people under his arms. Mrs Bungu who is the personal assistant to the first Lady Grace Mugabe is one of Prophet Magaya’s uncountable girlfriends. She has been very instrumental in his relationship with the police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri  and Bungu is the one who warned Prophet Magaya of his arrest .Chihuri has always refused to receive money from Prophet Magaya for a long time and was smart enough to receive it through Bungu who is also his (Chihuri’s) girlfriend again(just look at the rot).Bungu for a long time has been receiving money on behalf of Chihuri as Chihuri had always said he does not want to receive anything directly from Magaya as he doesn’t want to be implicated one day when Magaya has to be arrested.
The rot doesn’t end there my brothers and sisters ,Magaya is obsessed with sex and I have failed to understand what kind of spirit it is and unfortunately he does it with very wrong people and as you keep reading you will be shocked how far he has gone .Hon Minister Chombo at one time was known to attended Prophet Makandiwa’s UFIC but as Prophet Magaya started a war against Prophet Makandiwa he approached Chombo and started pampering him with gifts as we had discovered that Prophet Makandiwa had a weakness of not pampering politicians. Prophet Magaya took advantage of this and would visit the minister a lot until he also discovered that Chombo’s wife had been pushing for a business opportunity at Prophet Makandiwa’s church but she was not breaking through. He took advantage of this and open the doors for Mrs Chombo but again he slept with Mrs Chombo on three occasions of which on the third occasions it happened at a white owned lodge in Chisipite. Chombo got wind of this issue and confronted his wife and Magaya but because he had so much happening around his life they decided top forgive and forget but stopped coming to church. As we speak Chombo and Magaya don’t see eye to eye because of this issue.
As if that was not enough Prophet Magaya made a follow up on Minister Muzembi again and won him to start attending his church but I am about to break something that I pray will be dealt with wisdom and a soft heart by Hon Muzembi. Prophet Magaya went to Mzembi’s house and had dinner with his wife twice and this was in the absence of Muzembi,I am not too sure how many times they had sex but I know at one time it was in his house when he was away. I know some might be wondering how this is possible but can we label all the Minister’s wives to be so loose? Its not about them but its about a spirit that I have realized Prophet Magaya carries and its somehow weakens a woman no-matter how strong they are. Prophet Magaya’s wife is in picture of all this and she has decided to be just there and let life be because there is nowhere to go, she is also worried about the welfare of her family as she has is now the breadwinner. I can confirm to you that even the lady Angela Charakupa who sued Magaya for $500 000 a few months ago was indeed his girlfriend, I am can confirm that she received half of that money in full and she has gone ahead with her life. Magaya sang the song of extortion last week because yet another girl had threatened to sue him for giving her fake promises but I know for a fact that the girl was his girlfriend and he slept with her at one of his guest houses, Mai Nyangoni can testify to this. I will not reveal her name for now and allow her to do it herself at the right time.
Speaking of Mai Nyangoni, she is the woman who saw every sexual realtionship happening in her own eyes as she is the one who defended Magaya on any accusation internally , she was so loyal to Prophet Magaya to an extent of taking part in the murder of Chipo Chakanyuka, yes yes yes you heard me right, Mai Nyangoni knows exactly how the murder of Chipo Chakanyuka happened.
Minister of local government Hon Kasukuwere is backing Magaya and I can confirm to you that this evening (Monday 22 Aug) Kasukuwere is pushing for a meeting between Magaya and the First Family.

NOW HERE IS THE BOMB – Mai Nyangoni decided to unceremoniously resign a few months ago after she facilitated a deadly move. As we all know the first lady’s daughter Bona Mugabe was having trouble trying to conceive a child but and for reasons that I don’t know they sort prayers from Magaya and as the times went by without any results Prophet Magaya did the unthinkable and took advantage of Bona who was now under pressure from the media and family to conceive then had a secret arrangement with Bona Mugabe to sleep with her as she was somehow sure that she could conceive and silently blamed her husband for being impotent .
Magaya slept with Bona on several occasions until she conceived  and I say this with both my feet on the ground. I am challenging the President and Simba Chikowore to go for paternity tests if they in any way what so ever doubt what I am saying. It will be a waste of time asking Magaya ,Bona or anyone about it because they will deny but tests don’t lie. Get Magaya’s DNA, Simba’s DNA and crosscheck them with the baby then you will get the shock of your life. And ladies and gentlemen let me announce to you that this is what is going to lead Magaya to jail and not the multiple rape cases ,the case that will eventually get him imprisoned wont be the actual case but it’s the issue of taking the President for a ride is going to down him and he will not come out. Nyangoni got her heart beating and left the ministry when Bona’s child was born and she saw it looked so much like Prophet Magaya, she said it a few times that the case of the baby would come out one day and she would never want to be part of it…..end of Part 1

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    devil u are a lair, You can write bad thing about my Father Prophet W Magaya but you will no take the grace of God upon his life, iwe uchinyora zvisina basa isu tichiwana deliverance ne dzimba

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