5 Reasons Your Wife Will Cheat On You Once She Goes Abroad, Reason #5 Is Critical #cheaters

Marital infidelity is rampant among married couples who have partners in Europe and America. Only the strong will not be lured into temptation, especially, if you are still struggling. It doesn’t have to be adultery, it can be fraud, accessory to fraud and so on. In this post, I want to talk about those people who leave their spouse to travel abroad alone.

I do not intend to discourage anybody from coming over. Neither am I painting anybody black. I’m just pointing out the truth. It does not mean it’s applicable to only women.

If you are sending your wife or your husband abroad, please let there be a solid arrangement on ground, regarding when and how you are coming to join her, same goes for men.
If she’s travelling for a definite period of time, then it’s OK. The bible says we should flee from temptation. So think twice before sending your spouse overseas.

After careful investigation, I came up with possible 5 reasons spouses cheat when they are over seas. (using the UK as case study)


You can’t begin to imagine what people do to get papers in this country. If your wife or husband comes into the UK alone to hustle, it’s never the advisable thing to do. I do not say this to stereotype or anything of such. It simply how it usually happens. It’s never the intention of such spouses to cheat.

To be honest with you, in this country, without papers, you’ll be stuck in the rock bottom of life, going from one cleaning job to the other with crappy pay and disrespect. As a result people make all kinds of moves to get sorted, immigration wise.

As you know, that could mean anything. People will do anything to get papers. Few people will live a few years in the UK and still wanna go back, especially for those who have nothing substantial to go back to. Because of this and other salient factors, they will indulge in anything to get their stay in the UK.


This so much relates to the third point. Obviously, without a job, your finance is in ruins. People do everything to get a job in the UK, especially if you are not documented. Believe me, Africans are the same everywhere.

They wanna sleep with you before giving you jobs. Once they know your story,  as a woman, you are done for.  What they do is collect money from men and sleep with ladies. I know of a situation where the manager offered to have s*x with the lady on a bus she was cleaning. It is that deplorable.
No doubt, we still have great men of integrity in the Nigerian community in the UK. It’s only the number that’s few. UK isn’t a country where you can comfortably say someone has got your back. You carry your cross in this country.
You’re gonna have to be able to pay your rent and other bills on your own. As a good person, you have to be working to do that. What happens to a woman who doesn’t have a job?



Many studies prove this, UK is an expensive country, so is the other countries in the western world. Everything is expensive. You pay for everything.
Truth is, in most cases, the salary isn’t enough. If you find someone who’s willing to pick certain bills for you, what will you do? As a woman, such requests come at a cost. Nothing goes for nothing, they say. For the so called ‘London big boys’ no amount is too much to spend on a woman.
This isn’t a country where people give you money. Some people will stop picking your calls because of £5.
Trust me, if she asks few of her friends, 80% of them will advise her to go for the money man. It’s just the way it is.


If you have ever been to the UK, you’ll know how boring it is for most people. It’s a routine : home – work – home. This is due to various factors like work shift patterns. It’s not like Nigeria where majority are on 8-4 shifts.
It makes it difficult to really socialise. You can imagine someone who is struggling, she would work every shift available because anything can happen the next minute.

Besides, socialising sometimes costs money. Imagine a lady who hasn’t done anything social in 3 months being asked out by a guy, what you think the answer would be. ‘YES’ of course. It’s only human as we have feelings. The more you do something, the more confident you get. What do you think would happen after a couple of dates with the married lady? Your guess is as good as mine.


Of course we’re familiar with the general believe that sexual urge is usually heightened during winter. There’s a limit to what we can endure.

Sleeping alone during winter, year after year can be very tempting. Studies show sexual urge tend to be low during winter, wherever they get that from. What really happens is the exact opposite.

In the UK, during winter, people don’t want to go out unless when it is absolutely necessary. When you are home and lonely, what happens? You long for the company of the opposite s*x and that’s how it starts. If you do it once, you will do it again and the more you do it, the less guilty you become.


It is very sad the rate at which marriages go bust these days because of distance. It is not peculiar to women alone, men too are often trapped in the web. It doesn’t mean every woman whose husband is not here in the UK with her cheats. It’s just what I have seen several times.
It is just advisable to have a concrete arrangement for your reunion, before setting out. After all, your home is more important than anything else. May God help us all.

Do you have any other reasons to add to the ones listed above? Please share them with us in the comment section below.


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