A look at characteristics of slay queens

What is the slang meaning of slay? Well, it is a person who stands out among a crowd with either their outfits or their looks; outshining. For you to understand slay queen definition, we will share with you the characteristics that define that women breed

Slay queens with make-up and hair

Full make up is what makes a slay queen because she always want to have that beautiful look at all time. The good bit is that some greatly look beautiful in that you can confuse them with celebs as well as models.

Have you heard of the wavy eyebrows? Well, that is the slay queen new trend not forgetting flower clips that they put on their heads.

In simple words, it a fairy tale dream to see a slay queen with no make-up. If you get lucky to find one with no make-up, we are sure you won’t be able to recognize them. Honestly make up do real magic on the looks of a slay queen.

Classic wigs and hairstyles will forever crown a slay queen. What else do you expect from a lady who is always on trendy wears. Wigs are slay queen’s biggest savior because they can serve them for a couple of months when compared to other.

Slay queen with fashion

What is the trending fashion? Well, the slay queens will always update you on that because trendy fashion completes them. That new breed kind of ladies will prefer spending their last coin on buying that awesome shoe, handbag or pouch, dress, pant, bikini, crop top, gel nail polish, lipstick, or wig rather than investing in something useful. Kindly have in mind that real slay queen rock with high heels; in fact the 6-inch heels. If you find one with flat shoes then she can barely walk comfortably with heels.

Slay queens do not own formal wears in their trendy wardrobes, they rock with wears that will make the public know that they have that admirable figure. Expect to see them with trendy mini wears or tight pants with crop tops.

Slay queen on social media

Social media and slay queens are inseparable. Well, how do they update you on their fake posh life lifestyle if it is not via posting their photos on their Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or instagram pages?

Slay queens even go to an extent of taking photos while window-shopping in malls or when they visit their rich friends, just to make you understand that their living a luxurious life. Yes, not all slay queens are broke, but majority of them fake it. A slay queen is a lady whose photos in their social accounts are well filtered in that you cannot spot any scar on their bodies.

Slay queens are basically professional photo editors. This is because they never appreciate any of their imperfections and they want the public to know that there are perfect.

Honestly, being a slay queen is not a walk in the park, because it requires real efforts to appear perfect in this era without getting critics. Slay queens with photos Slay queens photos are packed with ‘swag’ posses. Some of the common pose is twisting their legs to protrude their behinds and hips.

The slay queens are fond of twisting as well as pouting their mouths while taking photos. Some even go to an extent of letting out their tongue in a funny way.

The funny part of it is that a slay queen can take a ‘selfie’ of herself in a friend’s parked car with a safety

belt, then post the photo with ‘ driving home’ caption. To make it funnier, she is maybe jobless and she lives with her parents. That is the least to expect from the so called slay queens in town.

Slay queens with partying

Slay queens do love parting in cool and big clubs. If you walk into a club and find a lady taking ‘selfies’ while smoking shisha, then that’s a real slay queen. How can she inform the public that ‘yesterday was lit’ without the pics? If you go into a deep conversation with a slay queen, you will discover that she is aware of the most expensive wines as well as whiskey brands even if she has never tasted them. Slay queens also know the names of every big clubs in town.

Slay queens unique language

If you have a conversation with a Slay queen for the first time, we bet that their ‘tweng’ language can never be left unnoticed. The interesting bit is that when the conversation continues, most portray their true colors by punctuating their sentences with words such as ‘ooh my Gosh’’ and ‘It was littt’.

Their sheng laden English makes them feel among the top class individuals, which is not actually the judgment they get from the society

Source: The Herald

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