A second touch

Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis

Whilst you are reading this article, be blessed in Jesus name. Being blessed means you have the enablement to do something.

Mark 8; 22 – 36: “And He took the blind man by the hand,and led him out of town and when he had spit on his eyes ,and put His hand upon him,He asked him if he saw ought. At Bethsaida, they brought to Jesus a blind man, he did what he had never done before. He walked with the man out of the city, hand in hand, he spit on his eyes Jesus asked him, what do you see, and he said I see people like trees. Then he touched him again.”

Today I will be talking to you about the second touch.

When we were born again, we were so excited with the new experience.

But as time went on, the joy of salvation started fading bit-by-bit.

Listen to me, God doesn’t save you to remain in one position.

He wants that joy to increase every morning.

The problem is when you get something you never had, you end there.

The world has a lot to offer, we shouldn’t aim to be average forever.

All you need is a second touch, so that you move forward.

You can be better, there is room for improvement.

What you got in the beginning was a sign that there is something better ahead.

Even if you exceed more than your kinsfolk, it doesn’t mean that’s your destination.

Lift up your eyes and say I am here now, but I will be up there tomorrow.

If God gives you a license, he can also give you a car, dont relax just yet.

The blind men said I see people walking like trees, he could have gone home rejoicing.

But Jesus said comeback. You have been in that place for too long, 2018, something must happen,you need a second touch.

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind, you can be better.

Glory be to God when you eat oats for breakfast, but there is something beyond that I challenge you, change, take another step, move forward.

Where you were 3 years ago shouldn’t be the same as you are today or else something is wrong.

Its not just speaking in tongues, there is interpretation of dreams, prophecy, deliverance, visions etc. There are stages ahead, physically and spiritually you can go higher.

You can’t live the same way in UK as you did in Africa, why did you go there then?

The way you fast, pray, preach, must change.

You have been in that position for quite a long time now.

Allow God to do something in your life, Church must be on fire, it must not be where it was in the beginning of the year, it must be fighting to go up.

If you want promotion, business, gifts, its all here. Receive something, take it take, it take it.

If God did it for me, he can do it for you. Just desire a second touch.

For with God all things are possible: Mark 10:27

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