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The birth of adult entertainment in the nation a few years ago when Private Lounge broke the hymen of “traditional entertainment” and went a steamy notch forward was once seen as a fad.

In a nation where many people are religious fundamentalists even, few could have thought “conservative Zimbabwe” could stomach steamy scenes of human canvass being paraded before them.

Years later, it seems the fad is a new tradition that will stay with us for a long time given how many people have embraced the Private Lounge idea and even started new problems for the franchise which now has tentacles in Harare and Bulawayo.

They have a new crisis; the venues are becoming smaller! This has prompted the proprietor to start renovating their venues with a view to make them a lot more spacious with Bulawayo being the latest venue to see expansion happening.

“The place was just getting too packed and we have had to move to a new open upstairs venue and even the new venue has become one that is always packed even fresh after we have opened it,” said the sassy manager of the new Private Lounge venue in Bulawayo.

All the while steamy little luscious ladies were going through their paces on the walk and poles behind the interview area.

“People love the place and the idea seems to be one that shall for a long time be with us as people absolutely love the adult entertainment hype,” she says.

It is unsurprising. With a management on its toes like that of Gloria, awake and alive to the demands of the people, making sure they get what they need when they need it, it seems the concept is not on terra firma.

“We also renovated Harare some time ago and opened it to the public with new booths and boxes which have become popular with the masses,” says proprietor Biggie Chinoperekweyi.

“It is a concept that we will expand to new areas in line with demand. Where people seek adult entertainment, we will take it there for them,” he assures.

There may be mixed feelings amongst the purists but with the uptake of the idea and the people on the seats in the venue, it seems it is a concept getting hate only from daytime purists and night-time voyeurs who pretend not to like it but are a part of the crowds come the night time when the entertainment unfolds.

“We are here to stay,” asserts Gloria. It seems she is absolutely right.

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