Africa’s enemies don’t deserve apologies

Obi Egbuna Jnr Simunye
At this critical juncture in history, Mother Africa’s children at home and abroad find themselves forced to confront just how committed they truly are to the path and journey of revolution.

During one of his most well-known speeches, “Message to the Grassroots”, Brother Malcolm lovingly warned us that some amongst our ranks would completely refrain from using that very word altogether once we carefully evaluated its true meaning.

This dynamic was recently front and centre when the academician and social critic, Dr Marc Lamont Hill, apologised for the tone of his remarks while speaking at the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Dr Hill was taken to task by the Zionists for using the slogan “Free Palestine” from river to sea which has been associated with both the PLO and Hamas groups.

What the Zionist state of Israel and its extended arms like the Anti-Defamation League and B’nai Birith have always done is carefully select Africans whose commitment to Palestinian solidarity and anti-Zionism they feel is shaky and vulnerable. Based on the tone of Dr Hill’s apology, we are forced to say our brother passed this test with flying colours, which if one was to paint a mural entitled hesitant to clash with Zionism, would put Dr Hill next to Reverend Jesse Jackson and Madiba Nelson Mandela.\

We are sure under normal circumstances, Dr Hill would be tickled pink for being mentioned in the same sentence with Reverend Jackson and Madiba, but in this instance, we hope he is humbly embarrassed and is prepared to redeem himself.

Once Dr Hill recognised that Zionist forces were out to make an example of him he expressed the following sentiments: “I take seriously the voices of so many Jewish brothers and sisters, who have interpreted my remarks as a call to or endorsement of violence. Rather than hearing a political solution, many heard a dog whistle that conjured a long and deep history of violence against Jewish people. Although this was the furthest thing from my intent, those particular words clearly caused confusion anger fear and other forms of harm for that I am deeply sorry.”

Dr Hill’s remarks blend in real nicely with Reverend Jackson’s apology to the Zionists at a synagogue after being taped by the gutless Washington reporter Milton Coleman for his Hymietown remark during his bid for the US presidency. The good reverend said: “It was not done in the spirit of meanness, however, and unintended it was wrong.”

After meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy in 1999, Madiba said: “To the many people who have questioned why I came, I say Israel worked very closely with the apartheid regime I say I’ve made peace with many men who slaughtered our people like animals, Israel cooperated with the apartheid regime but it did not participate in any atrocities. My view is that peace remains hollow if Israel continues to occupy Arab land.”

It appears that the Madiba did not consider diplomatic recognition and smuggling diamonds from our sacred soil to be sold for a king’s ransom in New York City’s diamond district atrocious, nor Zionist Israel refusing to recognise the sovereignty of both Algeria and Tunisia at the UN, a slap in the face.

In the case of Reverend Jackson all high-profile members and mouthpieces of the Democratic Party are blindly and unapologetic allies loyal to Zionist Israel.

When it comes to exploiting the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of their enemies, Zionist Israel and US imperialism are like sharks in the water. We remember Senator Joseph McCarthy in March of 1953 forcing the cultural icon Langston Hughes to distance himself from his poem entitled “Ballads of Lenin” and answer the question: “Have you ever believed that there is a form of government better than the one which this country operates today?“

If Madiba, Reverend Jackson and Dr Hill feel the need to apologise it should be to our Palestinian sisters and brothers who deserve solidarity in its purest form not occasional sympathy when it is politically convenient.

We challenge any African on the planet to envision that great champion of self-determination  and revolutionary giant Yasser Arafat apologising to Zionist Israel and US imperialism for coming to the OAU Liberation Committee meetings to reaffirm solidarity with ZANU-PF, PAC, Azapo, ANC, Frelimo, Swapo and MPLA or the first PLO chairman Ahmed Shukary apologising for meeting with Brother Malcolm on the sidelines of the UN.

If an apology is in order let the born- again humanitarian former US president George W. Bush apologise for imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe, former president Obama can echo that apology and say based on his cultural make-up, he should have known better.

When Congresswoman Maxine Waters decides to take a break from talking tough about Trump, and gets back from Wakanda she can encourage the Congressional Black Caucus to apologise for working for a regime change in Zimbabwe.

The widow of both Madiba and first Mozambican president Comrade Samora Machel must apologise to Zimbabwe for allowing Sir Richard Branson to use her like a pawn against a nation who saved her life.

Let all Africans who have done very little or nothing at all to lift US-EU sanctions on Zimbabwe apologise and learn from the blunder of Dr Hill and get to work.

Source : The Herald

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