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Africom: Connecting You to the future

Africom is undoubtedly one of the leading telecommunications operators in Zimbabwe, with a vision to steer Africa through seamless communications.

Africom continues to strive towards innovation, creativity and skill. Gifted with a talented force of highly qualified engineers and technical staff, Africom not only leads in product development, but also in problem solving and the provision of ICT professional solutions. This allows all of our products and services to be completely tailor-made according to individual needs.

As a provider of services to both business users and consumers alike, we embrace the diversity of the market.

The retail and enterprise divisions offered integrated voice and data solutions early in the game thus catapulting Africom into a leadership position as we paved the way into converged communications solutions.

As an organisation, our commitment to effective connectivity means that we constantly top on efficiency, by continuing to drive fresh innovation. Africom not only participates in the provision of voice and data solutions, but has also progressively delved into the fields of health and entrepreneurship development through a variety of inventive and pioneering application designs that we have on offer.

As we continue to develop ground breaking work in this sector,we design our packages to provide customers with a user-friendly, modern network experience together with integrated solutions that are data-powered.

We are constantly aware of the needs created by the great surge in technological advancements and it ensures that our products and services are designed for a new technology empowered and technology driven generation. Africom is a company that challenges all convention.

We continue to invest ourselves into 2017, committing to strengthening our relationships with customers through exceptional service provision, enhancing and expanding our innovative platforms to offer the best voice and data products and service.

Africom has always been a company of firsts – leading and paving the way.

We were the first company in Zimbabwe to offer converged communication solutions. While other telecommunications operators offered traditional products, Africom was the first company to integrate data, voice and video over broadband as well as mobility into a single solution. We made room for individuals and businesses in various locations, to collaborate across our cutting edge technology platforms.

The importance of such efficient connectivity today cannot be stressed enough.

As Africom continues to move, grow, create and innovate, we will continue to excel and deliver variety in solutions applicable for all walks of life.

This could range from high-speed, highly secure routed and wireless connectivity, to voice and data mobile connectivity to suit all pockets.

We will continue on our path to connect you to success as we move into the future.

In a move to cater to customer needs, new and exciting promotions are on offer to tertiary education students and any new subscribers to the Africom platform.

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