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Africom: Your fixed internet service provider of choice

Over recent years, Internet access speeds have increased greatly to keep pace with the demand of new services and bandwidth-hungry applications, such as streaming live video content. New technologies have been adopted that can support the current need for increased bandwidth.

Africom offers various solutions for fixed internet for the home, small to medium enterprise and large corporate clients. To this end, Africom offers two types of fixed internet solutions:

a) Wimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)

b) UBNT (Ubiquiti Networks)

Both of these are wireless internet systems which are radio based and work on a direct line of sight basis. They are similar to long-range wifi but can enable connection at much larger distances. The technologies are comparable in terms of quality of internet experience and cost for the service.

Africom has several base stations in almost all residential suburbs in Harare and in other major towns, namely Mutare, Gweru and Bulawayo with the most recent being Marondera.

In Harare, the Warren Park station is the latest base station to be installed to boost quality UBNT reception in areas including Warren Park, Kuwadzana, Kuwadzana Extension, Kambuzuma, Mufakose, Granary, Glaudina, Dzivarasekwa and Dzivarasekwa Extension. Marondera UBNT coverage now includes Yellow City, CBD, Borradale, and Dombotombo. Expansion is earmarked for Rusape, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Gwanda, Beitbridge and Masvingo.

Africom fixed internet connection does not require any costly civil work such as trenching but can take place within a few days of application because all apparatus will be applied within the premises.

The home internet user typically requires a solution that can enable multiple users to connect.

We offer various packages for home users, guarantee safe installation which will not break the budget, and offer a safe connection that does not pose a hazard or danger to small children and pets. Africom provides all users with Internet that is consistent and has reliable speeds of connection.

The small to medium enterprise (SME) can expect a dependable internet connection – pertinent for the support of a growing business. SME Packages have been designed to meet the need for a decent volume of data enablement to facilitate the smooth flow of transactions without overburdening the already limited cashflow of the emerging entrepreneur.

By far the most fastidious customer for the fixed connection is the corporate customer. Business today is highly dependent on the internet to enable electronic mail communication and internet-based transactions in “real time”. Africom has historically been the fixed internet service provider for many conglomerates and continues to set the standard for quality internet service provision in the corporate world. In addition Africom offers tailored solutions where these can be coupled with voice services and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solutions.

For a solution tailored to your specific needs, you can contact the Enterprise department at Africom on 08644000096 or visit the Africom Enterprise Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AfricomEnt/) to find out more on how Africom can enable your connectivity via a fixed internet connection for your home or office.


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