Akon: “We Are The Sons Of Africa Who Are Going To Develop Africa.”

Akon: “We Are The Sons Of Africa Who Are Going To Develop Africa.”

Akon, the world superstar took advantage of a visit to Paris to meet young people in France at the invitation of the talk of Give 1 Project France. Accompanied by his friend and associate Thione Niang founder of the structure.

Akon is pleased with the opportunity Give 1 Project gives young people to realize their dreams, especially in entrepreneurship. Indeed, the keys to success go first through mutual help and a network.

Akon urges young African artists to create their own identity first, instead of trying to identify and replicate what is done abroad. Inspired by his own experience, success in the trade is the result of long patience and hard work. We do not become a star overnight.

All African youths dream of becoming stars and there is strong competition; Young people to be perfectly prepared so as not to miss this opportunity that might arise.It is difficult to get young people to admit that there are very few elected officials, hence the need to propose alternatives and structures enabling young people to develop their gifts or passions elsewhere.

Aware of the privileges and influence that his status conferred on him, he decided to share his continent with Africa. Being a star is often ephemeral and momentary, it is while there is still time that he wants to offer opportunities and open doors to African youth to invest in development.

It was in this spirit that he founded Akon lighting Africa with Thione Niang and Samba Bathily to electrify Africa. Making electricity accessible to millions of Africans who live without. The first solar power plant in Africa and a solar training academy were inaugurated in December 2015 in Mali.

Through its investment, it is to show that it is the Africans themselves who will develop their continent.

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