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All eyes on Jah Prayzah as ‘Chitubu’ launch nears

Godwin Muzari Arts Editor
On  Friday, many people will be talking about Jah Prayzah’s album launch that takes place at Harare International Conference Centre (HICC).

In fact, discussions about his upcoming album titled “Chitubu” are getting topical as music lovers countdown to the day.

Jah Prayzah has had successful album launches at the same venue and invited high-profile figures to the launch ceremonies.

The events have been historic although the albums always bring mixed feelings.

Jah Prayzah’s music has been met with unpredictable reactions since he started mixing traditional and international beats.

But the undeniable fact is that Jah Prayzah can never be ignored.

He is one musician who has attracted attention with every step he takes in his music journey.

Although he has attracted many admirers and haters in equal proportions with every move, Jah Prayzah remains a topical name in discussions about music.

One thing people will not easily take away from the gangly musician is that he is a hard worker. He does not get weary because one trick has failed to work. He goes for the next strategy.

So, on Friday all eyes will be on Jah Prayzah as music followers wait to get what he has brought with this new package titled “Chitubu”.

Chitubu is a Shona word for water spring. A spring is a source of life, a sign of freshness and a symbol of abundance. Springs rarely run dry.

That is the bar that Jah Prayzah apparently set for himself as he worked on the new album. He believes he has created a fresh release full of music life and abundance.

Friday will be his D-Day. People are waiting to drink from the spring and give their views about the water.

Jah Prayzah is convinced that the spring will bring forth the best that people can expect from him.

His manager Keen Mushapaidze said the groundwork to unveil the spring has been thorough. He believes “Chutubu” can quench anyone’s   thirst.

“It is never easy to please everyone in the music world. Internationally, musicians get fans and they also get serious critics.

“All a musician needs is to work for his or her best. That is what Jah Prayzah has done on ‘Chitubu’. He has done his best,” said Mushapaidze.

“We have put everything in place to ensure that the launch is flawless and we are looking forward to a great night. There will be many surprises on the night.

Our main mission is to deliver the new album to the people and we are confident that is will make a mark.”

Other popular musicians to perform at Jah Prayzah’s album launch will be Ex-Q and Enzo Ishall.

Enzo is currently making waves with his hit “Kanjiva”, which has become an anthem in most public spaces.

He is likely to complement Jah Prayzah’s offensive in a big way. Jah Prayzah is also expected to drop some videos of songs from the new album at the launch.

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The Herald

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