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All set for polarisation film workshop

Rebecca Kabaya

Arts Reporter

All is set for a film and television workshop to be hosted by award-winning film director, Emanuel Matsinye at Life Long College in the CBD, today.

The workshop dubbed “Matsinye Acting Class” will run on Tuesdays and Saturdays in a bid to equip filmmakers, actors and other film practitioners with knowledge that can develop the industry.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Matsinye said they want to churn out better actors, as well as provide a training hub and an interactive platform.

He said that each day will have a specific guest who will tackle a selected topic.

“The workshop will be a platform where actors come to learn various acting techniques through lectures.

“We will share ideas on how we can improve our television and film productions. It is open to actors, directors, producers, writers, film editors, sound engineers, make-up artists and other professionals in the industry to tackle various topical issues affecting our industry,” he said.

Matsinye revealed that so far they have covered a topic called ‘Method Acting’ which was inspired by a Russian Theatre Practitioner named Stanislavsky.

He added that he launched the concept recently whereby other guests like renowned theatre and film practitioners such as Steve Chigorimbo, Munashe, Tatenda Katsande and Kuda Brian Bwititi among others have  attended.

Asked about today’s theme, Matsinye said it will be centred on, “Tackling Polarization in the Zimbabwe Film Industry” which will be led by film producer Albert  Brown.

“Brown will be attacking the hot topic ‘Polarization in the Zimbabwean Film Industry’, where he will be looking at the producers, do they get along and are there factions within.

“He will also look at how best filmmakers can be collaborative on projects and work together so as to improve the production of the film and television industry,” he explained.

Source : The Herald

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