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Allow the Lord to work your life into something great

Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis
Today I will talk about the subject Make Me.
People don’t become great people overnight. It’s a process. God has a way of raising his people. Friend, your life needs to be worked on.

Allow the Lord to work your life into something great. Gold is purified by fire. If you are to be a worth somebody allow the Lord to process you. Read on and let the Lord make you.

Mathew 4: 18-20 reads: “And he said unto them, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

Jesus at the beginning of His ministry was walking by the sea of Galilee and he saw two brothers.

He said to them: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”. They were no longer going to catch fish but people. They consented and followed him, but what did he mean? What is to be                                    made?

Whoever is reading this article must undestand that when the church is growing, it needs its own people, those that can be called children of the house.

Children of a family are seen by working in the house, not to only come during breakfast and                           go.

The church is now full of poachers, visitors and opportunists. The kingdom needs children, it needs sons and daughters! O halelujah!

You shouldn’t come on Sunday to sit then go and come back another week, do something in God’s House. Jesus said follow me and I will make to become, fishers of men, preachers. From today the whole church must preach, I want you all to heal the sick, if you desire prophecy, then prophesy.

Children of the church must do as their father does. If your church is full but no one following the vision, then they are no children there.

You start preaching, then you prophesy later. You don’t just prophesy where there is no word.

You must be filled with the spirit to preach the gospel. You need to tell yourself that I’m living in the last of the last days, I must spread the gospel.

Yes, you can go to work and also work for God. You may have a big business, but there are things it cannot do for you that a preacher can.

You also can make the blind see if you are equipped, for it is written that if you lay hands on the sick, believe they will be healed. Listen to me, follow God and he will make a way for you. It is not easy but it is not impossible, you will have to leave a lot of things.

Also note that you need to be made by God alone. The prodigal son demanded his inheritance. He said father “give me” and he was given. He went and squandered all he had. Then he came crying and said “Father, make me”.

Hallelujah, allow God to make you into his desired vessel. When you were born again you received Christ and declared with your mouth that you have repented.

Now live according to the will of the Father. The church must be the church, the kingdom must be the kingdom. Righteousness must be sought after. Small houses and prostitution are not allowed. Elders and deacons, practise to lead a holy life.

We want men who are crazy to preach, to heal the sick, to cast out devils, no one wants a house of prayer to be dirty. Agree to be made.

Some are visitors, some are guests, but there are children of the house, who must stand up and fight. Be a partaker not a spectator, receive deliverance ministry by faith, you are an ambassador of Christ, wherever you go, make a difference.

“For with God all things are possible,” Mark 10:27.

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The Herald

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