America’s C.I.A behind ZANU collapse

America’s famed Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is behind President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party woes, which threaten to split the former liberation movement right through the middle, hired foreign security officials have allegedly told Mugabe.

As chaos and untold pandemonium continues to rock Zanu PF, ahead of a crucial elective congress in December, Mugabe has reportedly courted the services of foreign intelligence operatives, to complement the national security information he receives daily from, the country’s own feared Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

There is strong suspicion, that Chinese intelligence is involved, because of the Asian looks of the officials, who have been working from the Robert Mugabe School of Intelligence, since last year, at Chitamba Farm in Mazowe Valley, our sources point out.

Beijing provided a US$98 million loan, for the construction of the controversial academy, whose work began in 2007 and was fully completed recently.

Mugabe and his wife Grace, are said to be lacking full trust in the CIO, as Zanu PF’s succession politics could have by now divided the agency, among the lines of competing figures to replace Mugabe.

According to a government insider, Mugabe has been infuriated by other damning disclosures by, the hired experts findings on his deputy, Vice President, Joice Mujuru and a sheaf of ministers (names supplied) thought to be aligned to her faction.

However it appears, it is Mujuru’s dossier, which has made the Zanu PF strongman go berserk.

“The information on Joice Mujuru is very damning, and you can be rest assured that she’s going to be dismissed from that powerful post, as your publication reported last week,” said the insider. “They now have concluded that Mujuru has all along been a manchurian candidate of Washington, that is why the President made direct attacks against her and America last week.”

Mugabe on Tuesday three week ago, while addressing a luncheon hosted by the local government ministry to mark the opening of the Second Session of the Eighth Parliament, made a tacit admission that he was fed up with Mujuru. “I know those who are saying Mugabe is old are working with the Americans,” said Mugabe. “They are saying he is the one blocking us from getting money from them. What has gotten into that your stinking head?!

“After all these years of suffering and you sell out just like that! All this oppression you have not learnt that those (Americans) will never be friends with you. They will give little pieces of money for your freedom.”

Mugabe was also reportedly told that the CIA has a payroll, for some senior government officials, and that cabinet ministers and all his inner circle must vigorously be vetted.

The CIO are usually responsible for this vetting function, and operate under the President’s Office. Inside the President’s Office, it is under the control of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Didymus Mutasa, a top Mujuru ally.

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