ANC solidarity with Zanu-PF laudable

Zanu-PF and the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa are among Africa’s few revolutionary parties that still remain in power.

The ANC was founded on January 8, 1912 and is Africa’s oldest political party. It became South Africa’s ruling party in South in 1994 after a protracted liberation struggle.

Zanu-PF was founded on August 8, 1963 and became Zimbabwe’s ruling party in 1980, again after a protracted war of liberation. Only the Limpopo River divides the two countries they rule. Most importantly, the two liberation movements are not new to each other as they collaborated in executing the war of liberation.

It is, therefore, clear that they share a lot of history, vision, ambitions and aspirations for their people, hence the need to constantly share notes on their current and future survival.

Last week, the ANC sent its secretary-general to Harare in solidarity with Zanu-PF, whose body politic has been under attack from regime change agents through orchestrated Western-sponsored violent protests.

The high-powered ANC delegation’s visit is laudable given the fact that there has been a sustained and systematic plot by the West to get rid of all former liberation movements from power and replace them with their protégés in the name of human rights, democracy, good governance and accountability.

It is fact not fiction that the West has sought to subtly recolonise Africa, through sponsoring regime change agents in the form of prototype opposition parties which they sire and support in cash and tactic to remove the former liberation movements.

It is critical therefore for revolutionary parties to huddle and strengthen their depth of character, vision, resistance and little else, against these forces.

It is time for all former liberation movements to consolidate and strengthen their relationships or face destruction from the West. The ANC visit becomes handy.

Once the West is allowed to win in removing Zanu-PF in Zimbabwe, it will go after all the remaining liberation movements and do the same.

In the case of the ANC, it has taken the path Zanu-PF took to redistribute land to the black majority, forever denied their national birthright by the minority white population and needs to share a lot of notes.

There is no doubt that both liberation movements came out of their meetings in Harare, much wiser and richer in thought and deed.

There is no doubt that they need more such meetings if they are to successfully counter these Western attacks.

source:the herald

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