Another #Zimbabwe activist abducted: MP says this one is worse than Itai Dzamara’s incident #263chat

There are reports that two well-known top security officers have abducted Karibon Nyemba (39), a younger brother to one of the leaders who are fighting for power within the Zimbabwe Sugar Milling Industry Workers Union (ZISMIWU).

Efforts to get a comment from the Police were fruitless. However the MP for Chiredzi West Darlington Chiwa said there was a young man from the constituency who was missing.

He said the “abduction was Zanu PF work against Zanu PF and described it as disgusting”. He also said that the case was worse than the Itai Dzamara case in that the abductors involved in this particular case were well known.

Honourable Darlington Chiwa said there was evidence that the abductors were seen with Karibon. It is suspected that the abduction happened on May 20, 2015. Karibon is brother to Simba Nyemba who is one of the leading figures fighting in the ZISMIWU factional wars.

Simbarashe Nyemba alsosaid his brother had been abducted. He said he received text messages from his younger brother at some stage explaining his fate. However, for many days now Karibon has not communicated. He said he had since made a Police report but Police officers refused to open an abduction docket saying his brother is still a missing person.

“Karibon informed me about his fate through texts messages and told me about his movement in the hands of his abductors. As a brother I say the two senior security officials are answerable as they were seen by many people in the company of my brother. We now have everything that warrants the arrest of the perpetrators but we are surprised that nothing had happened so far” said Nyemba.

“I am aware that there is a kidnapping case in Chiredzi. There are some people who are kidnapping people on personal agenda, we don’t want those things to happen to our people here and why are our security people kidnapping our party supporters. In this case there are clear leads with people knowing what happened and police are saying the issue is sensitive. These are people operating on factional lines failing to serve their duty to protect Zimbabweans” said Chiwa.

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