Arrogant Robert Mugabe Jnr fights with Zimbabweans on social media

President Mugabe’s son Robert Jnr has stuck two fingers at people attacking his family who are holidaying in Singapore.

Social media  erupted in fury when the young Robert posted pictures of his family enjoying their holiday on instagram. He swore saying his family will always be criticised whatever they do.

One irate Zimba wrote :”Zimbos starving and your family is plundering nation wealth,” to which Robert replied : “Are you Zimbabwean and are you starving.” This further maddened the Zimba  who then spit venom saying: “Personally not starving, working hard to feed the relatives your dad starving back home! By the way, hanti u know mai vako ihure!


Robby Junior then shot back : “You piece of sxxxt, I am zimbo yes! Many pple starving, why u cant tell yo fxxxx dad to go to hell!” At this point other Zimbos piled in and on various platforms the Mugabes were attacked for their lavish holiday.

Robert Mugabe Junior

 Robert Jnr is studying Architecture at the American University in Dubai (AUD) where he is still following his Basketball passion. He dismally failed both his O’ and A Levels with his father teasing him saying he was an Undertaker, Zimbabwean colloquial for obtaining “Ungraded” or “U” symbol in the local ZIMSEC Exams. The young man has taken from his mother being slow of wit and having a ferocious appetite for fashion. He loves flashy hairstyles, expensive clothes and flashy gadgets.
The brothers . . .
The fashion brothers . . .
Robert JNr


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  1. This kid looks like Gono!

  2. Leave the kids alone PLEASEEE

  3. Look like real township peacocks

  4. With a mother like that I pity the young Robert Jr. Wonder where they will be partying next year?

  5. Vana vemahure vanotoshupa hey!!!!!

  6. Their parents worked hard,let the boys enjoy the sweat of their parents.Zimbambweans are well educated and can sustain themselves thanks to this man that you are insulting.In 1980 you were dancing pasi ne dzaku dzaku for Mzorewa today you are saying pasi ne Zanu pf.Please gives us a break and respect other people and their space.Read widely my friend so that you can afford to take you family out for dinner at odds and ends at makokoba restaurant.

    • Well said man…who keeps quiet when their family is being attacked, only a foolish man does that!!

    • bullshit do you know how people have suffered losing jobs companies closing down children not being able to go to school huh then you say let the boys enjoy the sweat of their parents. Do you even know how hard it is seeing a man who was so successful and now he can’t even pay his child’s school fees

  7. Maonere Akasiyana

    he looks like a gay chicken

  8. But why are we suffering in the hands of this mugabe throne, ru mwana rwacho kutozoshaya mukanwa. Nxaaaaa this is bullshit you know

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