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Artistes join hands to promote road safety

Kundai Marunya Art Correspondent
Following a move to promote road safety through music by Bulawayo-based dancehall chanter Njanji, real name Noah Wambe, more Zimdancehall artistes have released various such songs.

Njanji, who recently launched a traffic safety awareness video “KuDriver Zvakangwara” on ZBCTV, urged artistes to encourage road users to avoid accidents by adhering to safety rules and regulations.

His call saw the founding of Artists Against Road Traffic Accidents (AARTA), an organisation that has since brought together artistes to champion road safety.

Njanji’s manager Andrew Musoni, who also doubles up as AARTA head coordinator and spokesperson, said artistes have been receptive of their idea.

“Other artistes who have concluded their tracks on the same theme include Micky Roller, Mrs Mafa, Scatta, Daniel Mbiza and Poetess Mafuzane.

“Nutty O, Lady Squanda, Moosafa King, Master H, and Mega Jani, a prominent Jamaican and a Sierra Leonean artiste, are also part of this noble initiative,” he said.

In their songs artistes are advocating for a road safe Zimbabwe.

“The musicians discourage drunken driving, driving without licences, driving without wearing seat belts, driving whilst angry, anxious or overexcited, and using the phone whilst driving,” said Musoni.

AARTA’s efforts comes in response to many accidents that occur daily on the country’s roads, 90 percent of which according to Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development are caused by human error. Musoni called on well-wishers to join in the fight.

“More needs to be done to spread the word out there so we are calling on well-wishers, be they individuals or corporates, to assist mainly towards video production and purchase of DVDs and CDs as well as funding for roadshows to effectively spread the message,” said Musoni.

Njanji is a rising dancehall artistes who has been championing different causes through music. Funds permitting Njanji will be joined by fellow artistes in a nationwide traffic safety campaign.

source:the herald

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