Author Tackles Complexities of Life

By Beaven Tapureta
The mystery of life, which we daily seek, is fervently explained in books such as Albert Muzari’s newly-published debut motivational book “The Prominent 15 Principles of Life” (2018, ANHH Publishers). Although confined to only 15 principles or basic truths of life, the simplified interpretation of those 15, their interconnections and “opposites”, makes the book sufficient to fuel many dreamers who wish to lead a satisfying, clean and honest life.

Muzari wrote his book conscious of those readers who are hypercritical or doubtful and therefore where he suspects he could be misinterpreted, he simplifies or openly chooses to remain unshakeable in his viewpoint.

The stories he picks from today’s world and the Bible to justify or “testify” the 15 principles he urges everyone to live by, are proof of a writer who has seen much in life.

And what a gifted poet Muzari is! Some chapters close with a poem, and in the poetry, one can observe a highly creative mind at work.

Who would not feel it in a stanza like this: Cheating is a lethal boomerang/That hit its source with a bang/like a ricocheting explosive round/inflicting wounds that take long to heal. (From the poem at the end of the chapter addressing the principle of being faithful)

In our daily conversations we have used simple words or expressions like “hard work”, “self-control”, “humility”, “wisdom”, “patience” or “health”, yet without often putting them into practice. And it is the neglect of those simple principles that has led to some blindness of humanity which Muzari is trying to explain in his new book.

For example, he knows there may be people who see themselves as hard workers, but he explains where some get it wrong and end up doing the “slavery type of hard work”.

This principle of hard work could be linked to that of being organised and planning ahead which is tackled in another chapter.

Furthermore, lack of self-control or wisdom has led fathers to lusting for and raping their daughters or turned homes into prisons of violence, destroying the children physically and psychologically.

“They (the children) fight and shout obscenities at others because the culture has been engraved in their minds at a tender age,” writes Muzari.

Not only does the author uses foreign references but he also comes back home and picks out very inspiring testimonies of, for example, personalities who have risen to be counted among the best and illustrious in Africa and beyond in areas such as music, entrepreneurship, and sports.

Meanwhile, new and interesting books continue to be churned out from the motivational writing community, with Pastor G, one of Zimbabwe’s gospel music luminaries, this time telling his life story in a book titled “Indestructible: Lessons Of Life, Music And Worship From Journey”.

His book is yet to be launched. Another emerging writer, Zvakwana Nomore Sweto, offers her understanding of the modern marriage in her fresh book “Marriage In The 21st Century”. As usual, Bookshelf will be giving you reviews of these books and others that came earlier.

Source:The Herald

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