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Multichoice -DSTV cuts services to Zimbabwe

ZIMBABWE’S crippling cash shortage is deteriorating to the point where SA companies operating there are not getting their money out. At a personal finance level, Zimbabwean households are battling to pay their creditors on time – if at all. Zimbabwe’s Steward Bank has suspended the Zimbabwean subsidiary of South African …

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Top 10 Africa Proverbs You Have Never Heard Of

1. The anger of a penis doesn’t destroy the vagina. (Zimbabwe) 2. There’s no virgin in a maternity ward. (Cameroon) 3. A child can play with it’s mother’s breasts but not with the father’s testicles. (Ghana) 4. The man who marries a beautiful woman and the farmer who grows corn …

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#Zimbabwe Citizens Behave Like Drunk Monkeys

#Zimbabwe Citizens Now Behaving Like Drunk Monkeys By Patson Dzamara The earlier we accept the quintessential fact that ZANU PF is a mafia organisation, the better. Anyone who thinks ZANU PF is a competitor to anyone must be deeply engrossed in kindergarten hallucinations of a bygone era. As we stare …

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50 international banks blacklist Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has lost the support of 50 international banks in the past decade due to Western sanctions, central bank governor John Mangudya has said. With now only three international banks availing credit to it, Zimbabwe is starved of foreign finance to develop its stuttering economy, Mangudya said. The international financial …

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