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Baba Harare, Chipfumo meet at City Sports Bar

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Man-of-the-moment, Baba Harare, will tonight combine forces with Progress Chipfumo at a show at City Sports Bar.

The two musicians have worked together on several occasions and will be rekindling their combination on stage. City Sports Bar manager Mathias Bangure said they will bring the musicians together at a venue where they have shared the stage before.

“The musicians have performed here before and we are happy that they will be coming together for this important show. It is important to us because it comes at a time when Baba Harare is making waves with his song ‘The Reason Why’. It is the song of the moment and everyone wants to see him on stage,” said Bangure.

“We have themed the show ‘Hat Dzemurara Concert’ because of the popularity of the song. We want our patrons to be happy and celebrate the success of the current hit.”

Bangure said they salute Baba Harare for being a regular at City Sports Bar where he has staged many shows before.

“He has been a regular performer at our venue and we are doing everything as friends. With the popularity he has now, he could have decided to turn down our invitation for the show. He is actually happy to be part of this event. He is now a popular musician and we are confident that the show will be big.”

The combination between Baba Harare and Chipfumo has led to some joint projects.

Chipfumo said they are working on something that will solidify their relationship.

“We have done some minor projects together and we are now ready for a bigger combination. The upcoming show will give us an opportunity to sample something that we are working on. We are both lead guitarists and we also have a lot in common. We are glad to work together at this show,” said Chipfumo.

On the other hand, Baba Harare said he has sweet memories of City Sports Bar.

“This is a venue that means a lot to me. I have done some shows at the place and the reception has been good. I can say the management at the place had confidence in me and gave me a platform to sharpen my skills. I am what I am today because of their confidence in my art,” said Baba Harare.

“I promise people one of the best shows at City Sports Bar. I have worked with Progress Chipfumo before and we know how to come up with a memorable night for everyone that will attend the gig. We also have surprises for our fans and we will deliver the best.

“I am working on a new album that will carry songs that seek to maintain the momentum that has been set by the current hit. I believe in hard work and I hope we will be able to deliver the very best to our fans.”

City Sports Bar has been consistent in supporting artistes and many singers have nurtured their talents at the various platforms that the venue has availed since it embraced live performances.

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