Baba Harare Faces Tall Order

By Godwin Muzari Arts Editor

Baba Harare has a tall order.

The musician – born Braveman Chizvino – was one of brave sailors that jumped off Jah Prayzah’s ship in the face of a storm that hit the Third Generation voyage a couple of years ago. His first album as a solo navigator titled “Chikwama Changu” was not a rich wallet, but his second release “Minamato YaRasta” saw his prayers being answered as the song “The Reason Why” became one of the most popular tracks in 2018.

Propelled by an exciting video that took third place on ZBCTV Coca Cola Top 50, the song that has become popularly known as “Hat Dzemurara” put Baba Harare on a plateau of the local music terrain.

Loads of attention went Baba Harare’s way as waves of popularity began pushing his new ship towards a harbour of success.

Many observers applauded Braveman for his bravery when he jumped off Jah Prayzah’s ship, which is still circling in troubles of persistent storms.

“The Reason Why” seems to be driving him to a safe destination in the promised land.

But local music voyages are not that plain. The real test for Baba Harare is still to come.

On Friday, the musician launches his third album titled “Ramba Wakadzvanya” at Food Nest at Longcheng Plaza in Harare.

Now, that is the real test. After setting a considerably high bar with his jiti beat on “The Reason Why”, Baba Harare has not only attracted popularity, he has also exposed himself to an allegoric examination called the litmus test.

He has a serious point to prove. He has a tall order.

Songs on “Ramba Wakadzvanya”, which means keep on pressing, have to prove that his effort is good enough to put more pressure on established names in the industry.

Over the past years, many new comers in the industry have exposed themselves to serious scrutiny by exerting pressure and failing to maintain it. Such musicians have now been condemned to the basket of one-hit-wonders.

It is not an attractive basket at all. It is a place of lost potential. An arena of chancers and opportunists.

On Friday Baba Harare has to prove that he does not belong to this basket. He has to show that he does not ride on luck.

After all, “Hat Dzemurara” did not have many components of creativity. It was an old traditional beat carrying common lyrics. It can be aptly classified under the umbrella of fast-paced folk songs, just like Freddy “Kapfupi” Manjalima’s “Chikwama” that gave the musician temporary comfort.

But “Hat Dzemurara” saved its purpose.

It introduced Baba Harare to the music world in a big way. Now he has the attention. Now he is facing high levels of anticipation. If he delivers a good project on “Ramba Wakadzvanya”, the energetic singer will safely make his way up the ladder of music success. The musician believes he has done enough groundwork to maintain the momentum and zeal among his fans.

“I believe songs on this album will make a mark. I have worked hard to make sure that I keep the momentum. It is not easy to breakthrough after parting ways with a popular musician like Jah Prayzah. The attention I am getting means a lot. I have to keep the market satisfied,” said Baba Harare.”I am happy that I learnt a lot from Jah Prayzah and I am using my experience to navigate the tricky waters of music. It is not easy to keep satisfying fans, but I believe the upcoming album will take us to another level.”

Baba Harare’s manager Filda “Mama Filo” Muchabaiwa said all is set for the launch.

“We have done the groundwork and we are waiting for the day. We want people to come and welcome Baba Harare’s new baby. It is going to be a big day for us and we have invited many musicians to be part of the event. It is a good way to start the year for our camp. We promise our fans nothings, but the best,” said Muchabaiwa.

Source : The Herald

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