Baboon sexually molests sleeping #Zimbabwe female teachers


Siyangaya Primary School in Tsholotsho where teachers claim to be abused by a baboon. Inset: Matabeleland North provincial education director Boithatelo Mnguni

Pamela Shumba Senior Reporter

TEACHERS who fled Siyangaya Primary School in Tsholotsho claiming they were sexually abused by a mysterious baboon will only return to the school after the situation has normalised, Matabeleland North provincial education director Boithatelo Mnguni has said.

Ten female teachers abandoned their pupils on July 11 claiming a mysterious baboon was sexually abusing them during the night.

Female teachers would wake up without their underwear or with signs that they had had sex overnight.

“We received a report that some teachers fled the school because of sexual abuse by a mysterious baboon. They narrated their ordeal to the district education officer and it’s unfortunate that we can’t force them to go back to the school,” said Mnguni.

“The teachers will only go back to the school when the environment is conducive for them to teach the children. It’s the responsibility of the community to come up with a strategy to get rid of the mysterious creature.”

Mnguni added that teachers were hired to teach pupils, not to be abused by mysterious creatures.

“It’s unfair to force teachers to stay at the school when they’re experiencing such problems. Whether it’s mysterious or not, we want the teachers to work in a peaceful environment, with nothing threatening their lives.

“Parents are concerned that their children aren’t learning at the moment. I’m certain that they’ll find a way to solve this problem.”

According to the villagers, four of the female teachers went to their relatives while three sought refuge at the district education offices in Tsholotsho.

Some of the teachers who spoke on condition of anonymity told The Chronicle that they started experiencing pains on their backs and uteruses after the mysterious baboon slept with them. They said they would only go back to the school when the villagers confirm that it has been “cleansed”.

“We can’t stay at the school where such satanic things happen to us. It’s clear that someone is practising witchcraft on us. We decided to leave the school so that the authorities and the community realise that this is serious issue,” the teacher said.

“Since this baboon started appearing at the school about a month ago, we’ve been waking up with abdominal cramps, painful backs and uteruses.”

Another teacher said the baboon started throwing stones on top of their roofs after they decided to sleep in groups.

“It doesn’t like threesomes, someone joked. But for us it’s a very serious matter,” the teacher added.

The baboon reportedly disappears through walls whenever someone raises alarm after seeing it.

The headman, Qhelile Mkhwananzi, said the community would soon come up with a solution.

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