Be strong, you can rise beyond that hurricane!

YOU may have been used to too much of the ordinary to an extent that you consider yourself mediocre and you do not see anything good coming out of you. You see yourself as a victim of circumstances. A failure. A loser.

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You may now be used to moving backwards whenever you are given an opportunity to move forward. This might have caused you to take certain things for granted. It might have also caused you to put a ceiling on your potentials and thought your goal can never be achieved.

Always bear in mind what Arthur Golden said: “A mind troubled by doubt can’t focus on the course to victory.”

Don’t think like that

You now think that certain things can’t be done. You have relegated your goals to the archives, if not to a useless dustbin.

This may be so because people told you so. You might have seen those who failed initially. Or you might have read quite a lot about those who were on the other side of the achievement story.

You are now convinced that failure is part of your DNA. You take it as part of your biological anatomy. You actually believe in failure than you do in success. If so then keep reading.

Do you believe in the impossibility? Do you believe that there are things that can be achieved even if they first seemed impossible?

Don’t forget that you have enough faith that can make you move any mountain. Do you believe that when you fail at something, it doesn’t warrant you to be called a failure? Have you ever paused to try and answer the following questions?

If Joshua stopped the sun, can you not stop your “sun” also? How many people were fed by five loaves and two fishes in the Bible? Wasn’t that a multitude? Was that possible and practical in the first place?

How many times did Thomas Edison fail before he created his first bulb? It was a thousand times.

When the Wright brothers were designing the first plane, how many people could have believed them, considering that no one had done that before? Did people give them any chance banking on the degree of the goal ahead?

Do you know that the current richest man in China, Jack Ma was once rejected for a post of police officer in China, after being regarded as incompetent? Not only was he rejected by the police force, even a certain restaurant (name withheld) concluded the same: He wasn’t good enough after their interviews. Was that true?

Considering that, how many people fail to live to their true dreams because of societal paralysed judgment? How many people are living in prison walls because of this crippled judgment? How many people lost faith in their capabilities because of negative views other people had about them?

The answer to the above question will easily be answered by the words from William Jones of Harvard University who said, “The greatest secret of this generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind.”

This is further supported by Earl Nightingale who went on and said, “It is our attitude towards life that will determine life’s attitude towards us. We shape our own lives.”

The story of the disciples

This makes me think of a story of Christ and his disciples. This is a story about what they went through at the sea.

“And when he entered into a ship, his disciples followed him,” (Matthew 8:24). Remember by just following behind him they were supposed to know that in his guidance there was safety. But they failed to see that.

In no time a frightening storm rose. It shook the ship. But Christ was just asleep.

In such a terrible situation, they thought they were about to perish. It appeared to them as the end of the story. Yes it might have seemed like that. They thought that it was the end of their lives. For this wasn’t an ordinary storm, but a “great tempest in the sea, in so much that the ship was covered with the waves.”

Even if everything had turned bad, Christ wasn’t moved. He just remained calm, relaxed and stable. He was just anchored.

Remember this storm had affected everyone, but their responses were different. It’s not what happens to you that will affect you, but it’s how you choose to respond.

Don’t be held hostage by fear. Don’t live the life of a servant because of this global fear for, as noted by Robert H. Schuller, “if you listen to your fears, you die never knowing what a great person you might have been.”

So move on. It can be done. Be blessed.

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