Beer price increases hit social sports hard

Tadious Manyepo Sports Reporter
SOCIAL and semi-professional sport leagues have already started feeling the pinch of the increase in beverage prizes as the commodity is central to their activities.

Beverage concern Delta Corporation announced early this week that it was effecting a 25 per cent mark-up to its products to cushion the firm against the backdrop of sharp prize increases prevailing in the country at the moment.

The company’s corporate affairs executive, Patricia Murambinda, said the new recommended wholesale and retail prices for their clear beer products that are sold across the country had increased by an average of 25 per cent.

“Delta Beverages has increased the wholesale prices of clear beer by an average of 25 percent. The recommended retail prices have been adjusted accordingly.

“The adjustment of the wholesale price is meant to cushion the company against the significant increases in local costs, as confirmed by the official inflation statistics. It also addresses the value share with the retail partners. The company is still assessing the cost impact on its other products,” said Murambinda.

Consumers are, however, being charged more than double the stipulated price by some unscrupulous dealers, a move Murambinda vehemently condemned.

“The company notes the reports about hikes in the retail prices of its products. These prices do not reflect the cost of acquiring the beverages from Delta.”

Nevertheless, the increase has affected social and semi-professional sport leagues. The leagues’ activities mostly hinge upon partying after matches where beverages are a central element.

However, with the shooting up of prices, teams have been forced to cut on what they spent during their games.

A boozers’ soccer team, City-SV Legends United, which has a membership of more than 40 people, is heading to Wedza this afternoon for a date against Chishayamabvudzi which mostly consists of school leavers.

The trend for Legends would have been to pack their cooler-boxes with beer and soft drinks and enjoy with their opponents after the game, regardless of the result.

But definitely not this weekend as what they had budgeted is now far much less than what is required.

The coach Nelson Mbudzi, who also doubles as the treasurer of the team, said they are now mostly concerned with fulfilling the fixture rather than partying after as the increase in beverage prices have caught them unawares.

“Our team is composed of mostly professionals and we fund the team using our own funds. The objective is to relax and recuperate after a busy working week.

“So what we do is, we party after matches. But, after the increases in the beer prices early this week, we have been caught off-balance and we are now more concerned about fulfilling the scheduled fixture in Wedza. “But we would have loved to do what we normally do, that is to enjoy with our opponents after the match, in the spirit of togetherness, regardless of the result,” he said.

This is not a case in isolation as other boozers’ soccer teams such as ZimJournoz FC, SD.Fantha-stic and others are in the same boat. Even other professional leagues are already feeling the heat.

Pool players, who often play the game while enjoying a drink at the same time, said they will have to endure before they can adapt to the new reality that comes with the increase in beverage prices.

The recommended retail price inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) for lagers particularly Castle Lager, Lion, Carling Black Label (375ml and 750ml) are $1 and $2 respectively, while Bohlingers, Golden Pilsener and Zambezi (340ml and 660ml) are $1.25 and $2.50.

Eagle Lager (375ml and 750ml) $0.75 and $1.50, Castle Lite (330ml can and 340ml NRB) $1.50 and Kogs — Castle Lager, Lion, Carling Black Label (30 L) $90.00 Kogs — Zambezi, Golden Pilsener (30 L) $180 and Kogs — Eagle (30) $45.00.

Bulk prices for cases with VAT stand at Castle Lager, Lion, and Carling Black Label 375 ml (24 units per case) $19.60, Castle Lager, Lion, and Carling Black Label 750ml (12 units per case) $19.60 , Bohlingers, Golden Pilsener and Zambezi 340ml (24 units per case) $24.00, Bohlingers, Golden Pilsener and Zambezi 660ml (12 units per case) $24.00, Eagle Lager 375 ml (24 units per case) $14.70, Eagle Lager 750 ml (12 units per case) $14.70 and Castle Lite 330ml can (24 units per case) $30.00 respectively.

Lager beer prices were previously pegged at 80c for 375ml returnable bottles; 750ml returnable ($1.50); and 340ml returnable ($1).

source: newsday

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