Beitbridge Border Chaos – Govt to Intervene

Government spokesperson, Nick Mangwana Tuesday announced that the government will intervene to ease the chaos at the Beitbridge Border Post, which has seen long traffic jams being reported in Limpopo, between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

In the past few days, long queues have been forming as cars and truck are backed up as far as 12 kilometres between Beitbridge and Musina.

Several passengers have reported that they have been queueing for more than three days.

Mangwana said the government is working to review the border closing time of 2200hrs to allow free flow of traffic.

“We have been made aware of the situation at Beitbridge Border Post. Whilst the bottleneck is not on the Zimbabwean side, efforts are in motion to arrive at a solution that works for both sides of the border, that includes a possible review of the 2200 hours closure of the Border,” he posted on Twitter.

While the post is usually busy over the festive season, additional delays were caused by earlier curfew times. Furthermore, travellers must be cleared under strict COVID-19 protocols.

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