Beyond bullet trains and homestead airports

Mapozho Saruchera Correspondent
What exactly is the MDC Alliance offering in this election?

I ask because I have failed to point precisely what I, as an ordinary person, stand to benefit under their government should they win the forthcoming elections.

Their rhetoric in previous elections was easily understandable – “Mugabe must go” and many had no time to ask why as they were made to believe Tsvangirai was the alternative – but not anymore.

The Zimbabwean political landscape has changed since November 2017.

The political change that many, including the MDC Alliance, were clamouring for is here, albeit as a result of the efforts of the generality of Zimbabweans and the least expected political party – zanu-pf.

These developments showed the world and indeed the people of Zimbabwe that opposition political parties were not the only agents of change in the country.

That said, let me rephrase my question, now that former President Mugabe is in retirement, are MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa’s bullet trains and homestead airports the bread-and-butter issues for the people of Zimbabwe?

When Chamisa made the above mentioned promises at rallies, I took it to mean the young man just got carried away on seeing multitudes that had gathered to hear him speak.

Some might argue that it is just a vision, and my mind should be a little sophisticated to comprehend it.

The problem is that it did not end there, Chamisa made more indefensibly ridiculous promises and pronouncements.

The youthful opposition leader once claimed he would solve the economic problems bedevilling the country in two weeks – yes 14 days. And probably in a bid to substantiate this claim, he further claimed that US President Donald Trump had promised to fund the MDC Alliance to the tune of $15 billion in the event they win the forthcoming elections.

The US Government denied Chamisa’s claim, a development which exposed the first claim for what it was – a lie.

So, one can safely conclude that in this election, the MDC Alliance has nothing to offer on the economic front.

This line of argument can be further validated by economic projects articulated by Chamisa at different rallies.

A case in point being the construction of a pipeline to export gas from Lupane to Mozambique when the latter has one of the biggest natural gas deposits which it is already tapping.

If one takes away the unsustainable economic promises of the Chamisa campaign rhetoric, what is left is equally meaningless and peripheral – but understandable.

He promises prosperity and at the same time wants to spend on trinkets such bullet trains and homestead airports.

He speaks of unity in delivering real change, while behind the scenes he is sending the likes of Shakespeare Mukoyi to unleash violence on political opponents.

He speaks ill of political opponents and insults women whenever he stands before a political gathering. So yes – real change is possible under Chamisa, where as a nation we will spend on useless things, unleash violence on dissenting voices and speak ill of one another.

Some might argue that this piece is ill-timed considering that MDC Alliance is yet to release its 2018 election manifesto, which would probably pinpoint what the party intends to do for the people of Zimbabwe.

However, considering that we are now a few months from elections, I argue that whatever will be contained in the party’s manifesto will be similar to what is being said at its rallies currently taking place countrywide.

Given the media hype his stunts have created, Chamisa’s trustworthiness is at stake. Voters are not interested in someone who takes them for fools who cannot think on their own.

Chamisa is still wet behind the ears and has a lot to learn in politics.

First, it is immoral to excite voters with unattainable promises in exchange for votes. This practice is not only a political malpractice, but an indicator of how much the campaigning candidate disrespects the electorate which now views him as a clown.

Second, people are not interested in bullet trains Mr Chamisa, they want jobs, clean water and sanitation, food, housing, youth and women empowerment, something President Mnangagwa has promised to deliver when voted into office.

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