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Bhutisi speaks on aborted SA show



Sophie Chese-Msowa Arts Correspondent
Stand-up comedian and actor Admire Kuzhangaira, who is popularly known as Bhutisi in the entertainment circles, has cleared the air on his aborted debut South African show, which has led to various theories and allegations on social media platforms. Bhutisi was supposed to share the stage with Guspy Warrior and King Shaddy during the Easter Holiday in Cape Town, but the show was cancelled due to poor turnout, which was blamed on weak marketing.

Words that went round the social media alleged that Bhutisi was stranded after arriving in Cape Town since there was no one to receive him.

It is alleged that a Good Samaritan latter provided Bhutisi with accommodation after King Shaddy and Guspy Warrior were assisted by their South Africa-based friends.

In an interview, Bhutisi said it was news to him that people were saying he was stranded in the foreign land.

He said he had a wonderful time in Cape Town though the show did not take place.

“Who is saying all that? All is well except that the show did not take place. There are many promoters here who want to tarnish the image of the promoter who invited us,” he said.

He added that he flew to Cape Town and never took a bus.

“I flew to Cape Town from Zimbabwe and landed on Friday. I was well received by Joe (the promoter) and the other guys, about 11 of them, at the airport. I was taken to my hotel room at Sun1 Hotel for check-in then we went out for a night ride seeing Cape Town nightlife and witnessing how other shows looked like since Killer T had a show that night,” he said.

He said he spent the early hours of Sunday preparing for his show, which was scheduled to start at 12 noon.

“I can say the organisers did not market it well because there were no posters in places where Zimbabweans hang out and very few people knew about the show,” he said.

He said he never saw King Shaddy and Guspy Warrior.

“From the time I arrived I never saw King Shaddy, but just heard that he was staying at his manager’s place.

“I was told Guspy Warrior did not travel to SA and I do not know why,” he said.

Bhutisi arrives back in the country today.

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