Black #Zimbabwe citizens owe white people a BIG apology

Black Zimbabwe citizens owe white Zimbabweans a huge apology

As a white Zimbabwean, I am writing this letter angry and disappointed and unappreciated by Mugabe and his fellow black Zimbabwe citizens.

We white Zimbabweans made Zimbabwe what it is today.

Had our ancestors not taken a risk and left their comfortable lives in Europe to come and save you Mugabe and your fellow blacks, where would Zimbabwe be today? When we came to Zimbabwe over 100 years ago, you were all running around in goat skin covering your boadies as clothes, you were killing each other with axes and knobkerries, you were not civilized, you didn’t understand anything.

Our ancestors worked very hard to teach you all you know today so you can be global citizens. The millions of languages you spoke were and are useless in the global business world, but we were very kind to teach you the Queen’s language, English and now you can communicate with anyone in the entire world.

We taught you farming, commercial farming. And we made Zimbabwe the breadbasket of Africa.

We built roads, hospitals, bridges, schools, railway system : all things you still use today. Who built Beitbridge, one of the biggest bridges in Zimbabwe? We did! Who built University of Zimbabwe, the best university in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa? We did. Who built the roads you drive on today? We did. Who built the railway system you use today? We did. Who introduced life’s pleasantries such as tea, sugar, cake? We did. Before that you were used to smoked dried game meat.

Name a school that Robert Mugabe built, or a hospital that Mugabe built, or any major highway in Zimbabwe that Robert Mugabe built. The city of Harare that you proudly call the capital of Zimbabwe today, we built that for you. You ungrateful lot! Today you shine about Victoria Falls – we discovered that for you and made it a huge tourist business and foreign currency earner for the country.

Now that we have built this empire, you were so selfish and decided to take away our farms that we build and our properties that we built. You ungrateful lot! We gave you all you have, we taught you all you know, and you still went ahead and made us look like evil people.

We deserve an apology. You must say sorry to us and say thank you to us for transforming your lives.

Edward McGoosebery
Rhodesians Never Die

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Edward McGoosebery

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