Blending Harurwa traditional tastes, delicacies with modern lifestyle

Claude Maredza Correspondent
Last Saturday’s Part 11 of the Moyo Chirandu serialisation alone attracted no less than 200 comments from various followers of the series in The Herald.

The comments were not only from Zimbabwe, but from all over the Diaspora as well.

The main question that was being asked, particularly by the youths, was concerned with what current contribution(s) to humanity the Moyo Chirandu people have made, apart from what they did in the past.

This has prompted me this week to write about the Moyo Chirandu Duma people of Norumedzo Village in Bikita District, Masvingo Province right here in Zimbabwe and their contributions to humanity.

Hopefully this will answer the curiosity about the current contributions the Moyo Chirandu people have made to better the lives of humanity as the Moyo Chirandu Duma of Norumedzo are just as Moyo Chirandu as any other Moyo Chirandu and their contribution to humanity represents the contribution to the betterment of humanity by the Moyo Chirandu in general.

So, this week we will put history aside and resume it next week and beyond, after we have shown beyond any doubt that the Moyo Chirandu people have indeed made a difference by their very current contributions to humanity.

In this part of the Moyo Chirandu serialisation, we look at a unique practice done by one of the Moyo Chirandu people, the Moyo Chirandu Duma people of Norumedzo Village in Bikita District of Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe to be exact.

This practice is uniquely one of the major contributions by the Moyo Chirandu people to the improvement of the health and livelihood of humanity as a whole as represented by their Moyo Chirandu Duma kith and kin of Norumedzo.

In fact, this practice gives hope to not only Zimbabwe, but Africa as a whole and The Blackness of Black as a whole, of retaining some of our fast vanishing unique cultural and traditional practices which distinguish us from all else in the global village as a unique people with our own unique and original peoplehood as Zimbabweans, as Africans and as the entirety of the collective of The Blackness of Black.

This is the unique eons old practice of Harurwa, an insect which is a delicacy not only to the people of Norumedzo, but to the whole of Zimbabwe and Southern Africa, inclusive of Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, if not the whole world.

The Harurwa insect is indeed a reality, a serious delicacy and the Harurwa insects come to this forest in Norumedzo Village called Jiri ReHarurwa or forest of the insect Harurwa every winter since time immemorial.

The story behind Harurwa is that a Moyo Chirandu Duma boy born with four eyes and aptly given the name Nemeso was rejected by his father because of this abnormality.

He was given his inheritance in advance by the king, his father, this piece of land called Norumedzo, which was really further isolation of this guy from the rest of his relatives because of the issue of his four eyes.

As he had nothing to eat, God through the ancestors, gave Nemeso these insects called Harurwa and a whole tradition of Harurwa took root ever since then, up to now.

The forest Jiri Reharurwa was reserved by Nemeso, as instructed by his ancestors and God ages ago, and has been strictly preserved and reserved for these insects from time immemorial right up to today, making this forest probably the oldest forest in the whole world.

A whole book entitled “Harurwa”, which in detail deals with the Harurwa tradition, has been written by this same author, and readers can follow the detailed Harurwa tradition through the book.

What we want to show here are the contributions the Moyo Chirandu Duma people of Norumedzo, representing other Moyo Chirandus in general, have made to the betterment of human life as enquired by the readers, particularly the youths.

While Harurwa insects are known throughout Zimbabwe and the whole world, what we want to talk about are the serious scientific discoveries that the scientific team led by the author has made on the Harurwa insect, which is definitely useful to the health of mankind.

We have discovered that in Harurwa, there are essential fatty acids which are scientifically referred to as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

We have put these Harurwa essential fatty acids into capsules and we call this medicinal food Harurwa Nutraceutical because it is indeed a medicinal food as opposed to a chemical medicine which would be called a pharmaceutical.

So Harurwa Nutraceutical is a natural medicinal food without any toxic chemical additives and is ready for eating as a natural medicinal food with all the benefits derived from essential fatty acids.

We have encapsulated the Harurwa Nutraceutical to make this important medicinal food easily available to many more people not just in Zimbabwe, but worldwide, through distribution of the Harurwa Nutraceutical capsules at a price affordable to the poorest among us.

This is after our realisation that not everybody has access to Harurwa, so by putting Harurwa into capsules, we make them available to everybody, thus more importantly everybody, therefore, gets access to the serious medicinal benefits through the medicinal remedies in Harurwa.

Harurwa after being prepared for consumption

This worldwide distribution of the Harurwa Nutraceutical capsules can easily be handled by our National Pharmaceutical Company (NatPharm), which means the firm can now for the first time, be selling nutraceutical medicinal food in the form of Harurwa Nutraceutical capsules to the rest of the world, rather than always receiving, which will earn the country the much needed foreign currency.

This is over and above the many jobs that this project will create in the rural areas, thus improving the livelihoods of the grassroots over and above the downstream and upstream job creation this project, if financially supported will definitely cause.

Our scientific experiments, conducted under the supervision of a well-known and respected professor of pharmacy through whom most pharmacists and medical doctors have passed at the University of Zimbabwe, have shown the following:

Each Harurwa Nutraceutical capsule contains about a gramme of Harurwa, which is two Harurwas.
While you can take as many of these capsules as you want because they are a good natural food, we recommend a minimum of three capsules a day to keep the doctor away.
We call this Harurwa Nutraceutical because it is a highly recommended natural medicinal food full of natural nutrients without any chemicals or other toxic substances. Just pure natural medicinal food.
Each Harurwa Nutraceutical capsule contains:
a) All essential fatty acids i.e. Omega 3; Omega 6 and Omega 9. This means by taking at least 3 capsules a day of Harurwa Nutraceutical, you are naturally treating yourself of:




Some Cancers

Skin Disorders

High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

Attention Disorders

Depressive Disorders

Muscular Degeneration

Digestive Difficulties

Weight management

Decreasing liver fat; and you are also supporting infant brain development and preventing dementia in older people.

b) Each Harurwa Nutraceutical capsule is a rich source of fatty acids, including seven that are considered essential for human nutrition and health.
c) Each Harurwa Nutraceutical capsule also contains some flavonoids, a nutrient group most famous for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits.
d) Each Harurwa Nutraceutical capsule provides 12 amino acids, three of which are often lacking in the predominantly cereal-based diets consumed in many parts of Africa.
e) Each Harurwa Nutraceutical capsule has cure protein and fats in high quantities.
f) Also very importantly, each Harurwa Nutraceutical capsule contains relatively high levels of phosphorus.
This provides additional hidden treasures for male consumers because this means Harurwa increases libido in men, which means having a natural harmless sexual aphrodisiac for me as opposed to harmful toxic and chemical concoctions. This is extremely important for continuity of humanity.

Anybody can take Harurwa Nutraceutical, so it is essential for all people at all ages to make Harurwa Netraceutical a part of your daily diet!

We have been trying to get finance to commercialise this huge scientific find and manufacture the Harurwa Nutraceutical capsules for the benefit of all, but so far our search for finance has not yielded any positive results in terms of raising the funds.

All we require is a once-off investment of US$1,7 million and our projections show that we should be able to make at least US$30 million in sales every year, resulting in an annual profit of US$15 million, ensuring organic growth and continuity of the project without any further additional investment.

But so far we have not been able to attract this investment.

We believe Zimbabwe is open for business and soon somebody will be interested in financing this important scientific find which will help humanity.

With such big conglomerates like Econet increasingly showing appetite for such innovations which help with the betterment of the health of Zimbabweans and humanity at large, we believe very soon we may be able to realise such an important project.

A full Harurwa Nutraceutical project document is available. To obtain the project document, please contact the author on the provided contact details.

We hope the above completely answers the numerous enquiries and curiosity on what contributions the Moyo Chirandu people have made to better the livelihoods of humanity.

Next week we shall resume and continue with our historicity of the Moyo Chirandu clan with Part 12.


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