Of bogus awards and regime change crusaders

Joice Mujuru

Joice Mujuru

Tawanda Musariri Correspondent
The political mega-circus season is upon us again! So Joice was in London just this week, where she had been banished because of belonging to zanu-pf, receiving an award from a shadowy organisation claiming to be authoritative in honouring virtuous women.

Virtue my foot!

Shortly after Joice Mujuru was offloaded from zanu-pf for her incompetence, insubordination and well documented allegations of grand theft of both public and private property, she emerges a choice champion winner of an award for exemplary leadership.

The Women Appreciating Women (WAW) did not see any achievement Mujuru made during her lengthy three -and-a-half decade’s reign as a minister and vice president, but only saw it during her rickety leadership of a scattering political party, ZimPF, which is attempting to earn itself a second resurrection under a new moniker, National People’s Party.

During her speech at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSEPS), Mujuru claimed that President Mugabe’s Government does not respect private property.

Surprisingly in this awkward statement, Mujuru kept quiet about the said disrespect for private property during her 34-year service with zanu-pf and the Government of Zimbabwe, only to come up with her charade after she was shown the door by the party.

Surely, a tale of sour grapes needs no better explanation than this.

Days before Mujuru’s excommunication from the revolutionary zanu-pf party, once hidden allegations of grand theft and impunity began to emerge out of the growth of the vast Mujuru family empire.

It needs no sophisticated audit to come to terms with possible thieving of both private and public property to achieve immoral wealth in one’s lifetime.

At what rate would one earn money to be in a position to supply gold by thousands of kilogrammes to the London Bullion Market at one goal?

This is just gold.

The family’s business empire cuts across many sectors.

Lucrative sectors of the economy!

And how about the mandatory 10 percent bribe every investor allegedly paid her for facilitating business opportunities in the public and private sector?

And those yet to be identified?

And those never to be identified?

The timing of the WAW Lifetime Achievement Award comes at a very suspicious time.

Only after Mujuru’s departure from Government which she served for a continuous 34 years, 10 of which she was Vice President, the WAW saw it as an opportune time to bestow such an award.

This timing exposes that both WAW and the LSEPS are regime change agents and cheerleaders seeking to prop up faltering and blunder-prone opponents of zanu-pf and the Government of Zimbabwe.

Mujuru’s political trail since her announcement to join opposition politics has exposed her lacklustre leadership qualities.

The seemingly confident woman lacks political might outside zanu-pf; in fact all the software that activates the political Joice was left in zanu-pf while she carried the dysfunctional political hardware into the political wilderness.

What is known by even the commonest political simpleton is that these award-giving foundations are interested in strengthening waning neo-colonialism which is being destroyed by the firm hand of the zanu-pf ideology using such stooges like Mujuru who unfortunately is not politically smart enough to stand up to the task.

Shadowy foundations swarm Africa and the developing world ahead of major elections to honour opposition figures in the expectant hope of winning the favour of opposition candidates once they get into power.

This wishful thinking is dangerous to the reputation of the ill-informed foundations since most of the candidates themselves have unsellable political and personal credentials. They need public trust to lead.

Their trophies will only gather dust in backyard storerooms after the crushing defeat of these paper tiger politicians, come election day. Whoever is advising Joice Mujuru also needs an advisor.

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