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Breaking News: Zimbabwe replaces all US Dollars in Bank Accounts with Bond Notes

BREAKING: Mugabe issues ‘bond note’ regulations, clears way for Zimbabwe currency

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  • Piankhi

    White people are just some lying dirty demons. Propaganda to for depositors to do bank runs to pull U.S. lollars out of the bank and collapse some local banks. This story is pure Sh*T. I am an american and work as a consultant with the RBZ and this is malicious at best. These are the kinds of media lies the West are use to creating to start a pannick in this country. This story is SH*t. But it is okay, America will soon be getting a new Demon as President, Clinton or Trump. Does not make a different both will destroy the remaining garbage economy. The U.S. has a lot of nerve. With being the biggest debt country on the planet at $20 TRILLION and counting. The U.S. borrow money from China to pay it budgets every year. They prints the U.S. dollar out of thin air backed by nothing. And is about to collapse soon. And the American people will find out soon the game that has been played on them. If you thought the 2008 financial collapse was bad. Wait until the 2017 Armmageddon financial collapse. Talk about Zimbabwe is a joke. The U.S. and Euro Zones is all smoke and mirrors. This is why China is dropping most of their U.S. dollars and IMF just added the Yuan as a reserve currency. The days of the U.S. and Europe pissing on the rest of the world is over. The truth of the weakness is about to be exposed and further collapse. So good luck with your Zimbabwe stories, we will see how that works out in the end. Resources forever in Zimbabwe, the West nothing but printed paper.

  • Kat

    no, no, IGNORANT people are. If you are only looking at skin color, you are misinformed.

    • Piankhi

      Devils come in all colors and races. No interested in opinion. I know how our black people became corrupted. Now it’s time to separate from all the devils black, white and otherwise.