Brother of ex-SAS man found hanged in his Zimbabwe home aims to prove he was murdered

AN INQUEST was told Rab Wood’s girlfriend used a forged will to get her hands on his goldmine.

Robert Wood with Henrietta Dube

THE brother of a former SAS man who died in suspicious circumstances in Zimbabwe last night said he thinks he will catch the killer.

Ian Wood told an inquest in Zimbabwe he believes his brother Rab was killed in a murder plot set up by his girlfriend Henrietta Dube.

He said she wanted to snatch a goldmine Rab owned.

Ian launched his own inquiry after Rab’s death in Bulawayo in 2012, which looked like suicide.

An English coroner recorded an open verdict on the 54-year-old’s death, accepting that suspicious events led up to it.

The second inquest convened in Bulawayo after pressure by Ian is set to return its verdict on Monday. Ian hopes it will lead to a murder investigation.

During the hearing, Ian accused Dube of forging a will.

He said: “I have uncovered so much evidence that points to the fact my brother was murdered and I expect the authorities to recognise that.

“I don’t think there is any doubt there are people in Zimbabwe who stood to gain a lot from his death, at a time when he had absolutely no reason to take his own life.

Ian Wood aims to prove brother was murdered

“He was a strong-minded guy and a real character but he wouldn’t bow down to anyone and he could never have taken his own life.

“I am optimistic the coroner in Zimbabwe will state that Rab didn’t kill himself and that will force the police over there to do their job.

“They will then have to take steps to bring those responsible to justice.”

Ian travelled to Zimbabwe with his brother John to present his dossier of evidence.

He claims he and John were subjected to intimidation during the hearing – being followed by a man in a car and surrounded by “heavies” at the court.

During the hearing, Ian claimed Dube had produced a supposed will that contained three forged signatures.

The will left Rab’s 13 per cent share of the Goonenough Mine to Dube but two of the alleged witnesses later claimed the signatures were not theirs. The will has since disappeared from a police file.

Ian said Dube and boyfriend Bhekithemba Nyoni stood to gain most from Rab’s death. He said: “She took gold, vehicles and mining equipment and sold them.

“She emptied the company bank account on February 15 – the same day the forged will was signed.

“The mine was making $25,000 a week before his death but she took it over with armed thugs, looted it and ran it into the ground, costing 120 men their jobs.

“I want the police to charge her with her involvement in the dodgy will and to intensify the murder inquiry.”

Ian claims there were serious issues over how his brother’s body was found, hanging by a belt from a burglar bar over windows at his home.

A pathologist stated that his foot was touching a bed. Ian said: “If you are hanging yourself you don’t have your feet on the bed, you would get higher, so that the job gets done right.”

Bhekithemba Nyoni, Dube’s boyfriend

Ian claims he would have no personal gain from his brother’s death. He said: “I won’t gain a penny. I just want to get to the truth because this story about Rab killing himself is a joke.

“There is a conspiracy running here and I want to shine light on it.”

After the first inquest, Glaswegian Rab’s family offered £15,000 for information about his death.

The reward was supported by his wife Susan, who tolerated his affair with Dube and who lived with Rab while he was at their home in Windlesham, Surrey.

On the day he died – March 9 – he went on a drinking session with Dube and got home drunk in a taxi.

Dube claims Rab decided to sleep in a spare room and he ended up hanging from the window bar.

A forensic examination concluded that the cause of death was asphyxia, hanging and suicide.

At an inquest in Surrey last November, coroner Richard Travers admitted that some of the evidence he heard into the death was “very suspicious”.

Dube has denied being behind a murder plot.



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