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Bulawayo singer blasts Mnangagwa


BULAWAYO artiste Njabulo “SizFire” Nyoni has lashed out at President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the song Cry of a Zimbabwean Child, blaming him for the current economic hardships and social unrest in the country.

In the song, SizFire chronicles the poor living conditions that have befallen the country and dares the leaders, who were voted into power in last year’s elections, to solve the problems.

“Blame it on our leaders, blame it on our politics, I curse the day we voted you in power Mr Mnangagwa because children are dying because of you,” he sings.

The musician told NewsDay Life & Style that it was his duty as an artiste to touch on social commentary affecting the nation without fear.

“As an artiste, I send my message through music and talk about what is affecting the people and also interrogating our leaders on how they are managing the country. As the electorate, we are the ones who put them in those positions and so they are answerable to us,” he said.

“We have a lot of serious issues that are affecting our country and, as youths, we should stand up and ask such questions and fix our nation, which has been reduced to nothing. Imagine a country which used to be the breadbasket of the region is now the second country in the world with the highest inflation rate and has no currency of its own for years.”

The 31-year-old musician has urged other artistes to have more commentary in their works.

“I urge other artistes to take the bull by its horns and sing for the nation, and not just come up with songs which don’t speak to the people,” he said.

“I have seen other artistes doing songs on how much money they have and how much fun they are having and you tend to ask yourself if they are doing it for the people or for the gratification of their egos.”

Born and bred in Binga, before moving to Bulawayo, SizFire said he was currently working on an afro-pop album set to be released later this year.


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