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Bulilima RDC to repossess 272 undeveloped stands

BULILIMA Rural District Council has threatened to repossess 272 undeveloped residential stands allocated in 2012.

In a recent notice to residents, the council listed about 177 stands at Figtree, 72 at Madlambuzi, and 23 at Somnene, as lying idle since they were allocated six years ago.

“Bulilima RDC wishes to invite all members of the public who have residential properties at Figtree, Madlambuzi and Somnene rural service centres to visit the respective council offices for a comprehensive database updating exercise from March 24, 2019 to April 23, 2019,” read the council notice.

“All property owners must bring offer/allocation letter, proof of payment, certified copy of a national identity document, those owing should settle their bills or make payment plans to liquidate the amount. Council wishes to also advise those individuals of its intention to repossess all particularly and undeveloped stands which were allocated before 2012.

“All property owners who fail to avail themselves for the verification exercise, council will assume the stand has no owner and proceed to repossess.”

Source : NewsDay

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