Bushman Safaris, The evil monster company paid by #WalterPalmer to butcher #CecilTheLion #Cecil #Zimbabwe #southafrica

Exposed, the evil monsters who allow so called hunters to shoot these magnificent animals for sport

Here is their Facebook page


Visit their page and show them we dont like what they are doing killing our beautiful animals for money

Bushman Safaris is a family run safari outfit in Zimbabwe owned and started by Theo Bronkhorst in 1992.Today with sons Zane and Jason and wife Michele we are fully established and have concessions in the north of Zimbabwe close to Victoria Falls conducting great big game safaris such as buffalo, elephant etc.We also have our own really successful hound pack with years of experience and lots of great leopard taken and being the only local houndsmen in the country.

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  1. Sack of shit indeed….Would like to see him take down any of those creatures with just a knife. Maybe then will I accept his “trophy hunt”.

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