Can Andy Grab His Opportunity?

Andy Muridzo launches his fourth album “Munondo” tonight at Club 1+1 at Longcheng Plaza. It is a time that his fans have been waiting for. Muridzo has the potential of becoming next big star on the local music scene and his new album will determine his next step.

He has had a share of good and bad publicity, but his talent remains outstanding. Some dubious decisions and poor management have previously compromised the musician’s potential.

The main blunder that disappointed his fans was his decision to join the Jah Prayzah-led Military Touch Movement.

Many of his fans were against the idea because Muridzo was largely seen as a threat to Jah Prayzah.

“Some even suggested that the launch and marketing of his last album “Tichambotenderera” was not properly handled by MTM, which affected its reach.

Muridzo’s recent decision to leave MTM and go it alone on the new album seems to have restored fans’ confidence in him and drawn sympathy from new followers. Increased numbers at his recent shows suggest that people have renewed interest in Muridzo’s art

And the ball is now in Muridzo’s court to capitalise on the current scenario to prove his mettle.

He has a perfect voice and his mbira sound blends well with other instruments to give the traditional beat, which was Jah Prayzah’s secret to breakthrough in his early days.

Now that Jah Prayzah has changed his beat, most people that love the traditional feel of his original style are looking to Muridzo’s to quench their musical thirst.

It is a golden opportunity for the musician in a music industry that is loudly crying for talented youngsters

Most young musician have been swept by the dancehall wave and mainstream genres need new blood.

Can Muridzo be up to the task? Can his new album bring the breakthrough that every young musician yearns for?

As a man who fired warning shots with hits like “Dherira” and “Chidhafu Dhunda”, Muridzo will be on limelight tonight. He has critics to silence, fans to please and many points to prove

There have to be some hits out of his 15 tracks on “Munondo”. Otherwise it will be difficult for him to get such a great opportunity again. He has to grab it.

Muridzo’s manager Gift Petro believes the young musician is up to the task.

“He has done his best on the album. We are convinced that it will make the grade. It is a product of hard work and many ideas. He has taken his time to polish it and he believes he has done what his fans are waiting for,” said Petro.

“In terms of marketing, we will correct previous mistakes. We want to take the album to the people in a big way. We want his fans in all parts of the country to know about the album as soon as it goes on the market.

“It is not an easy task and we know we have work to do. We will work hard.”

The name “Munondo” is a Shona word for sword. Will Muridzo’s sword be sharp enough to deeply pierce the flesh of local music?

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