Can the Church show up?

LET me begin by asking for pardon from my fellow Christians lest my article and thinking offend you. My intention is to try and awaken the believers who seem to be so caught up in the religion of selfishness and deception than in the kingdom work. I have heard and seen statistics that Zimbabwe is 85 percent Christian and that almost everyone in this nation can lay claim on being a Christian. I do not want to doubt this but I seem to be having a serious challenge with how as Christians we practice our Christianity. This really leaves me angered and disappointed in that we are misrepresenting the gospel of Christ who was anointed by God with the Holy Spirit and power and went about doing good to all and healing all.

I wrote in my book The Church at War about the need for the Church to wake up and pursue her Head than egos. It seems like we are still lost in this mindset of pursuing ourselves more than the real kingdom business of serving and saving humanity. As such, the enemy is running havoc in communities, nations families and individuals because the salt of the earth is no longer salty enough to preserve humanity from decaying and the light of the world is choosing fellowship with darkness more than being light. We have left the fate of God’s people in the hands of manipulators whose objective is filling their bellies and have nothing to do with people’s needs. I salute the work done by many agents in the communities but that does not make them the Church or agents of God in the earth. God’s system of serving and saving humanity is the Church. However, the church in Africa and in Zimbabwe seems to be absent or unwilling to be the Church.

I always ask myself what Jesus would do if He was physically here. What would He do with our corruption as a people? What would he do with the plight of children and women in the nations? What would Jesus do with poverty? What would He do with human trafficking? What would He do with the suffering of the people in rural areas who are victims of both their shortcomings and manipulation? What would He do if people were affected by floods like in Tsholotsho and Mberengwa?

Would He sit back and say let us see what the Government will do or He will take the lead and rebuild His community? I always wonder but I seem to know a bit what He would do. He has already done what He would do. He did it all on the Cross.

He came and walked the earth to save us and to show us the way. We have the model but those who are in his army seem to be thinking otherwise. We as Church seem to be enjoying doing kingdom business in the way of the world. We enjoy the theories of the world instead of following the pattern Jesus gave us. We have become selfish and unconcerned. We have become so slow in responding to human need. We have become so calculative and we cannot move the way of God. We do not know what people want and we are just like everyone else. We are waiting for politicians to do something and yet we spend our energies pointing fingers accusing those same politicians. We are spectators in a move where we are supposed to be the main actors who do not die. We are grumblers more than leaders and movers of the agenda of God in communities.

In the world, they respond to every human affliction by giving food. It is like what all suffering people need is food. You lose your home, they give you food. You lose your spouse they give you food. You lose whatever you lose, food is given. Very few would want even to know your needs. The church is also in the same mode of just giving food and clothes so we can feel comfortable. What hypocrisy is this?

Let me be more direct. We are the kind that gives a snake to those who need fish. This is so we keep you impoverished and begging. I thought the duty of the Church was to liberate people. You liberate people by helping them change their ways of thinking and their environment. Unless the church in Africa and in Zimbabwe is seriously involved in human development, our nations shall remain manipulated and poor. Unless the church steps into her position, our nations shall remain confused and moving in circles. The Church is the light of the world. The church is the salt of the earth. The church carries the key to sustainable development in this continent and in Zimbabwe, a nation from which the healing of Africa must flow.

I do not understand anymore where the Church gets this theology of disengagement. The Church is so disengaged with reality and human need. We are caught up in this spooky theology of self-appeasing and competition. We have become too much of a political animal than a kingdom of grace, faith, hope and love. In all honesty and truth, we serve people. We are givers, we respond to human need. We build houses for the homeless. We heal the sick. We preach and teach and heal. We are there where human pain is overwhelming. We are the first to arrive and respond. We support and give direction to other stakeholders. We lead by example as the light and beacons of Hope. We represent the Christ of the living God, the Hope of Glory, and the Light of the world and the savior of humankind. We are ambassadors of Jesus who loves and responds and fights for justice for his people. We are servants of God and an army of God and our duty is clear, to serve God by serving humanity.

When shall we just put away our egos and as a Body come together and demonstrate our Christ? When shall we be kingdom minded and servants of God? When shall we stop cheap talk and speak the Word of God and do the work of our Master.

Humanity and all the nature cry awaiting the revelation or manifestation of the sons of God. Can true believers arise and step up and show up. There is tragedy and crisis almost everywhere and only the Church of Jesus Christ has the solution.

My invitation to the Body of Christ today is to stand up and show up. It is time beloved. People are dying of lack of knowledge.

The church has the knowledge people are looking for. People want to learn how to live and love and only the word of God can train them up.

Kilton Moyo is a consultant counsellor and coach on relationships and for more insights and articles you can follow him on his twitter and Facebook accounts or write to him at or phone +263775337207.

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