Cancer Power Walk: Let’s bring out the boys!

Robert Mukondiwa
The thought of having to roll one’s crown jewels between their fingers for a while in testicular cancer self-testing would make someone go, well, nuts      . . . excuse the pun.

And while the prostate cancer test in its medieval form can be intrusive, it is a discomfort that has to be gone through should one want to live a long full life of either early detection and survival or getting that much needed all clear.

And with advancement the tests (for at least prostate cancer) are now far less intrusive than the traditional tests.

Which is why although it is breast cancer month and any usually focus on breast and cervical cancers, this year’s edition of the Zimpapers Cancer Power Walk will aim to bring out the boys and ensure routine testing amongst Zimbabwean men.

Not to mention the curious fact that men, yes, even men, are prone to getting breast cancer regardless of the slim chances.

So while the nation goes pink, the battle is nothing to do with sexes and therefore needs all hands on deck and all feet and takkies hitting the tar during the walk.

What’s more, this time for the first time ever the walk goes to three cities simultaneously sounding a ubiquitous battle cry in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare.

Harare will congregate at Old Hararians, Bulawayo at Coghlan Primary School and Mutare at the Manicaland (Mutare) Motoring Club to all start walking at 6 am in the morning.

And for those men who may be coming on board for the first time it is refreshing to note that this power walk ends three hours later and unlike Johnnie Walker, they will not walk forever but will rest at the finish line! And yes, there is more than enough time after that to catch up for a round of golf and the much needed Saturday meeting at the nineteenth hole! Refreshing.

Cancer is everyone’s problem and Zimpapers, as part of its Corporate Social responsibility obligations has partnered with the Cancer Association to bring awareness out there, bring more feet to the battle, proliferate wisdom and empowering knowledge as well as ensure that we save lives through early detection.

After All it takes a healthy heart and soul to enjoy the inimitable stories we carry in our unmatched publications.

Up until, D-Day on November 3, Saturday Herald Lifestyle shall be carrying reports from our Public Relations desk as well as the office of the CEO Mr Pikirayi Deketeke and our editors as they weigh in on why YOU need to be a part of this walk as well as stories from survivors and friends of survivors. Many have lost loved ones to cancer; it is a great memorial to also walk in memory of our dearly departed.

Cancer is everybody’s struggle! We can . . . I can . . . every action counts!

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